Text Messaging Alerts through EBay


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May 2, 2006
Does anyone here do this? Also, it says on the ebay web page that I will be changed 25 cents per message. If I get free messages from my serviceprovider because I pay extra each month, will I still be charged this fee?

If you girls use this service, is it easy to re-bid? I want to bid on an item but, will be on vacaion when the auction ends and am unsure if I will have access to a computer. I would like to do this, but, I don't pay for my cell phone bill and I don't want to explain to my mom that I wanted yet another bag lol!



May 16, 2007
if you're trying to bid while away, there's also https://www.unwiredbuyer.com/
not sure if they charge a fee nowadays (they didnt use to) but it may be worth looking into...

edited to add: it is still free! they earn a commision if you win...

What does it cost?

UnWired Buyer is free to all registered eBay users in the US and Canada.

How can this service be free? Is there a catch?

There is no "catch." The service is completely free to registered eBay buyers and sellers. Of course we have to make money somehow, but we've designed the service with eBay's affiliate program in mind. eBay compensates us through their program for each winning bid placed through UnWired Buyer, which is why we say: When you win, we win!
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