Text message spam

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  1. I *knew* I should probably not ever give out my phone number through Craigslist while I was signing up for focus groups. And I was viligant about signing up only for what appeared to be valid organizations with good privacy policies.

    But what do you know, I almost immediately begin receiving spam textmail on my cell phone. I cannot turn my phone off as I need to be available on it at all times, so it makes a "ding" sound at all hours and I get all kinds of crazy text messages that are just spam.

    And I just got a brand new phone number, too.

    So annoying. I have no idea what to do about this, if anything? Any advice?
  2. Hmmm, I wonder if you could call your phone company and have them block the numbers. I wish I could give better advice for being able to prevent new numbers, other than changing your number again.:shrugs:
  3. You can get those blocked-I was getting these crazy text messages at least once per day and was paying for them. I called my cell phone company and they were able to block them-I can't remember now-there is a special name for those sort of text messages. I am still able to receive texts from private people-just not places like that.

    Try your provider-I bet they can take care of it.
  4. i am getting spam calling now :huh: and calls about me winning something from a drawing i either signed up for online or at the mall, but i didn't? :shrugs: its just kind of annoying,
  5. I hate this! I'm thinking of getting a new number myself.

    Since the week before President's Day in February a woman whose name I've never heard of apparently contacted a lot of car dealers in the Washington-MD-VA area via the internet and she gave my cell phone number to them as a call-back number.

    Since then I have been hounded not only by aggressive car sales people, but by credit organizations and text messages from nasty porn and dating places.

    Things subsided for a while, but this past weekend I started getting another round of calls and text messages. It's so completely annoying.

  6. yes, i think you can. i just got my first spam text and called my carrier (sprint) and had them trace who the sender is. usually they can block texts and Premium texts so u dont get these. I think this also prevents u from texting to those 4 or 5 digit numbers (Like American Idol) to vote b/c sometimes this is how u get onto third party premium text services, which your carrier will have no control over crediting you for these services (sometimes cost up to $10/month). I was also informed that you should be able to hit "reply" and you can send them a "Remove" text and they should stop texting u. HTH
  7. I'll try that next time. I assumed "Reply" meant I wanted to correspond with them. Thanks for the information.
  8. ^^ Some companies that send those texts require a certain word though...for some its stop, some remove, they're all different.
  9. Add your phone to the Govenment Do Not Call list. It's worked wonders for home and cells for us. It takes a few weeks for them to get it, but as soon as you can.. go to the site and add the number that called you. They are contacted and no more problems for you.
  10. I've gotten a few text spams and they are annoying as hell, especially because sometimes I can't even tell what they are trying to sell. WTF is the point of spam if the person can't even buy what you want to sell? These people are idiots. I didn't know you could do something about it though.
  11. How do you figure out what each needs to get off their lists? Are you able to look it up somewhere?