Text - compter to cell phone

  1. Does anyone text message from Computer to cell phone? if so im looking for a good site to text from comp to cell.

    im tryin to send a text message but i dont want the other person to find out who i am.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Some cell providers used to (and maybe still do???) have features on their websites that allow you to send text messages...Do you know what provider the person has?
  3. If I can get on AIM then I always text through that,
    for the screenname of the person's phone you're texting to, type in " +1XXXXXXXXXX "
    That's the plus sign, 1, area code, and 7 digit number.
    If you can't find a site to do it, you could just make a new aim sn that you don't use to chat and text from there
  4. Can't you set your phone to number withheld.
  5. I text messaged my fiance when I locked myself out of the house. Our old computer was in the garage downstairs. We both have Nextel, so I did it through their site. Who is the provider?
  6. Snoopy- thanks... i tried to text test a message but i guess she doesnt have hers links. so it didnt work .

    riffraff - i tired looking how to block my number but it there is no choice for me to pick block or non

    efusik and lamiastella- I have At&t and the other person has sprint.
  7. go to www.sprint.com then:

    click on sprint under Send a Text Message (bottom right) and that will bring you to the next page.
    sprint1.JPG sprint2.JPG
  8. i use AIM also. you can also use e-mail if you know who their service provider is.