Texas Outlet has Patent Camel Sabrina's!!

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  1. I just got back from my Friday visit to the Cypress, TX outlet and low-and-behold, they have patent camel Sabrina's! Yes, I wrote SABRINA! They have 1-large and about 5-regs. They also have 2-large coral Sabrina's and 1-large plum.

    The bags are 30% off-retail. Get em while you can!

    Oh and a little FYI:
    I was told by the SA that coupons would not be avail for sometime - the next sale w/coupon will be around Christmas.
  2. I wish I lived in Texas!!!! You lucky TX girls I hope to see some of your reveals soon!
  3. Me too!!! Plum and Coral Sabrina would be an awesome score at outlet price!
  4. I was there this morning! and I got the large plum Sabrina:graucho:
  5. Uh oh, Q will be STEAMED she wasn't in Houston for this!
  6. I got my Camel patent Sabrina for 50% off in San Marcos. It was the only one they had and it was the smaller size.
  7. Wow plum and coral??!! I'm sooooo freakin' jealous!

    and very, very far from Texas!
  8. i want the coral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh wow, of course the good stuff comes when im out of town!! I heard they had peytons and bonnies too last friday. Well Im trying to hunt for treasures on the east coast. :smile:
  10. Cypress must be lucky-have not seen any at the Allen, Round Rock, or San Marcos Texas Outlets.
  11. I'm not surprised...it seems Allen is the last to get anything good!
  12. OMG. I so would like a small patent Sabrina myself. Lucky you OP.
  13. YAY FOR YOU! I went back that night to return a cosmetic case and found the large plum sabrina gone! I am happy TPFer took her home!
  14. i just called as i live 20 minutes from there and all they have is the Camel Patent and it's $320. :smile:
  15. $320? Did they raise the price or something?