Texas Ladies and opinion needed

  1. I called the San Marcus outlet searching for a Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey and they had one for $151!!! I'm broke or else I'd get it myself but I figured I'd pass it along incase someone was searching for it!

    I'm in love with the Ali and the shoulder bag (even more than the chocolate carly!!) in Whiskey. I need something not huge but something I can get a good bit in. I generally carry some diapers, wipes case, a empty cup, pacifer, wallet (w/checkbook but I could get smaller wallet), sunglasses, then a little emergency case (bandaids, hand sanitizer) and then just whatever papers, etc I end up with during the day lol. I'm just worried the Ali will be really heavy. I like them both I just don't want a HUGE heavy bag (I've never seen either in person). Any mama's that make their bags pull double duty??
  2. I carry almost the same stuff you do and I have an Ali. I don't think you can get all of that into a shoulder bag.