Texas H-Lovers Round-up in Houston!!

  1. This Sat. I'm going down to Houton to meet up with some lovely ladies from tPF, I'm sooo excited! It's always so nice to meet people that share the same passions with you :yahoo:

    I want to use this thread to plan for this Sat. So far I think we're going to have lunch together and head to H in the afternoon. I would leave it up to my Houston ladies to make some recommendations on places to eat..
  2. Darn.. would love to go but I am stuck in NY for the next two weeks..
    Have fun...
  3. Thanks Amamxr, so you live in Austin? Me too :P
  4. Actually Lakeway... I love it here....transplant from CA...
    We have to "Do Lunch" as they say!!! lol...
  5. HEY!!!! OF COURSE, count me in!!! Hmmmm.. on a place to eat??? Depends on what everyone likes. I'm in for anything...I just like to eat!! (and shop!!)
  6. tex-mex food, anyone???

    see you saturday! where's peanut? no more live updates from vegas??
  7. When i go to Houston I usually go for the chinese food, 'cause I miss having Chinese in Houston it's good and it's cheap. But I'm really up for anything :smile:
  8. ha ha! we'll take a vote before saturday!

    but i know we all vote for a H store visit after the meal! :nuts:
  9. haha... that's for sure!
  10. I'm curious as too how we'll be serviced at the H store, since I know for sure that Pazt and I have differents SAs, don't know about moviegirl and PBC, would everyone's SA get together and help us all at the sametime? That would be fun :P
  11. Mmmmm, Texas has the best Tex-Mex in the country!!:drool:
  12. YES!!! thus the TEX in TEX-MEX!!! I have friends that have moved out of Texas and they tell me the Tex-Mex is *crap* in other places and it's one of the things they miss the most about Texas!

    Okay honestly I don't care where we go eat, Tex-Mex or Chinese is fine w/ me!!! For Tex-Mex, I was thinking maybe Cafe Adobe.

    PAZT- No more live updates from PBC bc she's leaving Vegas today. She went last night to Hermes and EVERYTHING that she had reported on the other day was GONE!!! Even the charms that she wanted!!! Yeah our SA told us about the fact that the charms would prolly scratch her box up; I don't know if she still wants to get it. She almost got some LV shoes at LV Forum Shops but they didnt have her size. Instead she got a Nanette Lepore coat! She says words cannnot describe how beautiful this coat is. I'll let her tell you the details...
  13. oohhh... sounds like a great coat, don't know if it'll be cold enough for her to wear it this weekend though... would be nice to see it, I'll bet it looks great w/ her new Birkin.
  14. Oh believe me, she'll take pics of it bc she knows I can't wait that long to see something new she buys!!! I'll tell her to post it in the Hermes in Action thread so everyone can see!!!:graucho:
  15. ;op I wish I was visiting my cousin in TX...
    I want some Tex-Mex; I"m hungry now :smile: