Texas: Boys, 11 & 14, Charged With Sexual Assault On Woman 60

  1. AUSTIN, Texas — Two boys, ages 11 and 14, have been charged with breaking into the home of a 60-year-old woman and trying to sexually assault her, police said Tuesday.
    The boys wore bandanas and gloves when they broke through a window in July, and one of them tried to sexually assault her but stopped when a heart device was triggered, Detective Scott Stanfield said.
    The boys were charged with burglary with intent to commit sexual assault. The boys had a kit that included items to restrain the victim, Stanfield said.
    A 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy were standing outside the victim's house serving as lookouts, Stanfield said, but they have not been charged because they did not break into the house.
    Police said they do not know a motive for the attack. No one was arrested until someone who had seen a suspect near the woman's house contacted police, Stanfield told the Austin American-Statesman.
    The boys have been released from a juvenile detention center on the condition that they wear electronic monitoring devices, Stanfield said.

    UNREAL! Where do kids this age come up with this? Nevermind, I know how.
  2. Gosh, WTF is wrong with these kids?!
  3. Stories like these make me cringe....so sad.
  4. Oh hell no. This makes me livid.
  5. Wth was on their dirty lil minds? Disgusting! Where are the parents?
  6. Wtf!!
  7. What on earth is going on in the minds of kids these days?! Toting guns and shooting down their classmates, beating up other kids until they're dead or almost there & sexually assaulting the older generation!? :cursing:

    Have we failed somewhere, or has the media desensitized them to such a horribly cold and unfeeling extent?
  8. what the... :cursing:

    what's wrong with people these days??!
  9. This is sick sick sick! WTF were those two little punks doing outside keeping an eye out for? Book their azzes too!
  10. kids actions are becoming more and more crazy everyday.
    this is just disgusting!
  11. that's disgusting!! and a girl was involved as a lookout, sickos! all of them! I can't even imagine why this would happen. They should be locked up for good.
  12. Sorry, but it's not the kids, it's the parents that need to be JAILED.
  13. WTF :wtf: Seriously, the kids that served as "lookouts"? They should at least get a criminal mischief charge or something. This is FREAKING SICK.
  14. ^^^
    i know!

    how on earth do you even PITCH something like that to your friends?! what is WRONG with this world?