Texans..here's a Dooney for you!

  1. Another new line from Dooney & Bourke - Texas


  2. Ugh. No thanks.
  3. Mm. No.

    But then again, I'm not Texan.
  4. What has happened to that brand? FUGLY!
  5. I think my uncles had some wallpaper like that at my grandpa's house when they were boys.

    Well, except for the "Dooney & Burke"
  6. Seems very cheap and touristy. Switch "D&B" with Texas and you'll have the perfect tourist crap!
  7. Wow, Dooney is really putting out some ugly crap.
  8. That sucks. I'm in TX and I know nobody would like that. Gross. What is with them lately? Their stuff is not cute.
  9. Yuck !!!!!!! What are they thinking ???
  10. I think not...
  11. why:confused1:
  12. Doesn't look ugly to me. I like the bigger bag.
  13. Not my taste.
  14. My mom may like it for a prop in our country room...but to carryyy....ummmm no!
  15. Oh my gosh.