Testing . . . (Youtube)

  1. Woo! It works!

    Thanks, Vlad!

    . . . Everyone, please enjoy this video.
  2. hah! i saw that button and was scared to try it myself! thanks for guinea pigging it caitlin! :tup:
  3. caitlin! love that video! its one of my faves!
    saw them live last year. they rule dude.
  4. OMG LMAO This is sooo funny. How does the button work!?! Do you put the link in between!?! Let me test. My very favorite youtube.

  5. Hmm didn't work!?! :shrugs:
  7. SHOES finally worked! I love this youtube! OMG I forgot it has a cuss word! BE AWARE!! Sorry forgot!
  8. YESSSSSSs videos whooohooo! And I LOVE shoes! But yes it does have cuss words lol.
  9. hoe does the youtube work?
  10. Let me try too.

  11. Nevermind. It worked.
  12. didn't work....
  13. ^ I Did This & It Didn't Work.....hmmmm