Testing out cobblers for vibrams

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  1. So I think I discovered a great cobbler. I'm so excited because I have been looking around for someone to trust with my shoes to vibram them and everything. I was at my parents' house last weekend and I wanted to stretch a pair of gold slingback YSL's I have that I absolutely love but they are about a half size too small. So my mom was going to pick up my dad's shoes and we went to this little shop that's been around forever. The main cobbler is this older Italian man. His granddaughter was working in the front, and I asked her 20 questions about vibram soles, the color, how much, do they usually do high-end shoes, etc. I was so happy to find out they have the red vibrams and she knew exactly what I was talking about. Then I looked up to see a poster on the wall with Louboutin's quote about how the shoes carry the woman and I knew this was literally a sign I was in the right place. I'm going to give them a pair and see how it turns out, but my question is, did most of you test out your cobbler on a pair of inexpensive shoes first as far as putting vibrams on? Maybe they could just show me a pair they've put vibrams on. Any thoughts?
  2. I have def. "tested" and been glad that I did. However, if your place seems well versed then it seems safe to go for it! I don't know what your CL collection is like but you could test with a more well used/less expensive CL...
  3. I've never thought about having a cobbler to a trial run. That's a really good idea!
  4. I "tested" my cobbler on a pair of fairly expensive (non-CL) wedges, but I knew as soon as I got them that I was never going to sell them, so I figured even if he didn't do a top notch job it wouldn't matter because I wasn't worried about resale value. He turned out to be fabulous (and also does red vibram!!!) but I'm glad that I checked.
  5. Thanks for the advice. He charges about $28 per pair (red vibrams included) so I kind of hate to waste $ on a pair I don't care anything about ... think I will try him out on my lady grants, which I wear a lot to work.

    I will report back ... hopefully he will be a great resource for me and other CL-crazy chicks in my area!