testimo boutique

  1. :idea:summer30 coupon code for all final clearance items!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from geren ford to zooey and more!
  2. I just bought from Testimo the other day and I spoke with the owner, Brandy, personally and she was sooooooo sweet! :heart: them. I didn't buy anything on sale, but I noticed that all of their prices were much lower to begin with. I bought a black CC Skye double wrap bracelet and that alone was $17 less than most competitors!

    They also have a 20% off coupon code that works for regular priced items. It is "toutie20". ;)

    And, free shipping too, which I love. hehe

    Great thread!
  3. oooh! thanks! i wanted to buy some cute non sale tops but i only knew code grechen10 for 10% off but 20%sounds much better!! Thanks hun!!!!!
  4. Ha, I know right?! I accidentally discovered her site b/c I was searching for CC Skye, and then I called to ask a question. I will definitely be buying from them in the future. And, I will probably have my stuff either today or tomorrow too! This is what I got...photos courtesy of Testimo Boutique
    CC Skye Double Wrap Bracelet.jpg CC Skye Thin Gold Buckle Bracelet.jpg
  5. I had the total opposite experience with that site. I found that Brandy person to be so irritating, rude, and I would never buy there ever!!
  6. I live right next to the boutique! Loves them , loves the coupon!
  7. What happened to their handbag section? :confused1:

  8. Omg, this code still works!!! Thank you. :yahoo: