Testers vs real thing


Feb 12, 2006
I don't know if it's just me or if I'm having 'issues' but for the past couple years or so I seem to have the same problem with all fragrances I bought.
The samples smell different than the perfume I bought , has longer staying power and sillage and a totally different dry down . I am always careful to buy same concentration as tester (perfume or eau de perfume etc) but don't seem to have much luck . The minute I open the recently purchased bottle and use it , I know it's not the same thing .
I wonder if they're using stronger or better ingredients in testers ....

Recent purchases :

Juliette has a gun
Royal Princess Oud by Creed
Rose Ispahan by Dior

Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me ?
Aug 18, 2008
I thought it was just me, actually. The oils in my skin tend to completely change a fragrance so I assumed that was what was happening.

In any case, I've had the same problem quite a few times and yes, one being with Juliette Has a Gun. There was a cheap Michael Kors one I liked in the tester - Jasmine something - that smelled atrocious out of the purchased bottle. I do have the rollerball and it still smells fantastic.

I tried the Prada Candy Florale in the rollerball after I had a small sample and same thing.

I don't know what to think now!


Jul 15, 2007
I loved thierry mugler alien when it was promoted with the samples. At the time I didn't have much money and saved up to buy a bottle as a treat. What a disappointment that was.

However I learned my lesson and I don't ever trust any more any samples. If I like a scent I try it on many times at the counter before I purchase