Tested positive for Down Syndrome...

  1. I didn't even know they were testing for that now, I thought that was at my next appointment. So they called saying there was an abnormality in my test, I asked for which test and my doctor's assistant mentioned Beta HCG, so this whole time I'm thinking that it's low and I'm going to have to go on medication to make it higher. Of course it came as a surprise when she told me.

    So she began talking about my options for different tests, CVC which I am not doing, amniocentesis, which I probably will not do. But in two weeks I go for the triple screen and will see what that says. She told me this could be a false positive, and the next one could be a false positive OR negative! Seems kinda pointless, although it'll make me feel better if it is negative.

    Just for the record I will be keeping this baby if it has Downs, but I would like to know...

    Has anyone been through this here? and does anyone know...because I forget to ask things when I'm in there, what exactly determines these results? What is it that shows my baby as being positive? My husband has called to get this information, but I doubt they'll call back before Monday.

  2. Wow, Danica, I'm sorry - this must be a really stressful time for you and your family. I really admire your commitment to your baby, though. The only thing I can contribute is that I have a baby brother who tested positive for Downs in utero and didn't end up having it, and that my mom used ultrasound imaging to help confirm that he didn't have it (though I'm not sure what indicated that). Take care.
  3. Thanks honey! apparently at 20 weeks I get a detailed ultrasound done where they measure...something-rather.. and it is not 100%, but it will help in determining whether or not he/she has it. It's going to feel like a verrrry long time up until then.
  4. I am truly sorry Danica. I didn't do these tests with either of my children because of the high probability of error. I have four friends that did do the tests (Triple Screen) and three of the four came back with testing positive for Downs syndrome. All of the pregnancies went to term and none of the children had Downs when they were born. These tests seem to have a lot of inconsistencies and a high probability for error. I know that you can have some kind of ultrasound done where they confirm whether or not the test results were accurate but I am not sure what it is called. I am not sure where they got that result for you though if you haven't done the Triple Screen yet. Was it just from a blood test? I was under the impression that they couldn't find these things without the Triple Screen, which I opted not to do.
    Take care Danica...you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. My heart goes out to you. My eldest has Special Needs and it was (is) a roller coaster of emotions when you hear this news.

    I did not have amnio as DH and I knew there was chance any of our children could have MD (runs in my family). There are many who have had false positives and then come to find everything is ok; many have it go the other way. Research, talk to specialists and get ALL the facts about Downs, levels of Downs, quality of life issues, life span, pediatricians that have Down patients and support groups for parents. You will need all of these, trust me. Your pregnancy will be a high-risk one, so you will probably see specialists regarding labor and delivery, along with genetisists (sic) who can answer all your question.

    I wish you all the best. I will tell you that the struggles you face will be unique yet common, there will be tears but there will also be amazing joy- no matter what the final result may be. ((hugs)).

    Edited about the sonogram: I had this with my last, as I was 43 at the time. The will measure the skin thickness at the back of the neck and the size of the nose plus the ratio of the nose size to the skull and the skull ratio to the body. THese measurements can almost pin-point if the child has Downs as the measurements are based on research/info gathered from all over the world. HTH
  6. I am sorry to hear this but I want you to know that I googled and found an interesting site. I think that there are often false positives associated with beta hcg and would try not to stress out too much until you have your triple or quadruple screen.

    Here is the link:


    If you google around you will see also about many false positives. One site even said that if your urine is too diluted and you've drank too much before coming in that can change things.

    I would also think that if that test came back positive you would go on for an ultrasound for a nuchal translucency. This test is usually done between 11-14 weeks.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  7. P.S. an NT or Nuchal Translucency is what CJJ is referring to up above.
  8. I'm so sorry Danica! Although I don't have any advice I will keep you in my prayers!
  9. those tests have false positives a lot-that is why I refused them when I was pregnant with my youngest-i didn't want the worry. I just knew too many people who had been given bad results by those tests and there was absolutely nothing wrong with their children! I jwent for an extra long U/S instead. There is a very good chance that is the case with you also-false results. Please keep us updated-you are in our prayers
  10. My BFF had a false positive....she went ahead with the amnio.... her DS is now 2 1/2 and perfectly healthy. She was only 28 when she was pregnant with him BTW.
    Stay positive!!
  11. I opted not to do these tests because I had 2 friends that had false positives. Hang in there.....it might be a false positive. It happens a lot from what I hear. You and your family are in my prayers. Try not to stress, although I know it's hard. I'm thinking it might be a false positive.
  12. So sorry that you have this worry Danica. I never had these tests but the posters here who know that there are a lot of false positives I think should give you hope. I will be praying that all will be ok for you & baby!
  13. I too know someone who had a false positive. I'll keep you in my prayers. And try not to worry.
  14. I jope everything works out for you, you are an excellent mother (already) and YOU make me proud of being a woman and mother. Your commitment to your baby shows me is worth going through hell to give birth. I admire you, I wish you and your baby and DH the best. I have no advice in this particular situation tho, but I'll keep you in my prayers. Good bless you.
  15. sorry you're going through this....you will be in my prayers..