Testament to Leather protectors :)

  1. Just got home from Disneyland...used my denim backpack (for the first time) for 4 days at the parks. I sprayed the vachetta and fabric with kiwi leather/fabric (it's what they happen to have at the store).

    Not that I ever baby my bags...but it went on every ride, got soaked and splashed, rested on the ground, bumped, banged, carried and carried and carried and looks like new still! Not one spot or mark anywhere :smile:

    Spray On ! :wlae:
  2. Hey~ Welcome Back...hope you had a fab time! Sounds like the bag and the product held up! Yeah! We :heart: going to Walt Disney World!:yahoo:
  3. that's good to know! :nuts: Glad you had fun!!!! WB!
  4. Oh, I cancelled my trip to LA and wanted to go to Disneyworld... glad you and your bag had fun!!!! No harm done!
  5. did you spray alot? i sprayed one bag but it didn't seem to make a difference...
  6. I did, I sprayed 4 coats. Normally I only do 2, but since I knew it was going to take some abuse, so I did more.
  7. thanks! i only did one coat... mea culpa!
  8. Kiwi is a very good brand perfect for leather handbags.
  9. Did spraying it darken the leather?
  10. Welcome back! I am glad that you and your bag had a great time! :smile:
  11. Welcome back and i'm glad that the bag held up! Any vacation pics with LV in them to come? :smile:
  12. Wowee! Sounds like u did loads and had so much fun! Oo:huh:..looks like I've got to get me one of those Kiwi protectors...do u have the name of the product? TIA!
  13. Not at all! Sorry no LV vacation pics, thought if I got close enough to see the bag, the back ground would get lost....I will post some pics with some tink pins tomorrow...too lazy now.
  14. Welcome back! :smile:
    Glad to hear you had a good time, and glad to also hear that the leather spray worked well for your bags!
  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and I am glad it went well.