Test: How American are you?

  1. I got this interesting link this morning and I thought I should share to see how much you know about American culture. This would be especially interesting for the Americans :graucho:!


    As a reference point, I got 51/60 (=85%) with no American education (don't have a clue who is the old man that said democracy leads to well-ordered government in America when disorder prevails in Europe :sweatdrop:) so all of you who went to American schools better get more than me!
  2. I didn't do that well. I only got 61.67% correct.
  3. I got 75% and I'm an American.
  4. I looked at the questions, but I didn't actually take the test. I get the feeling I wouldn't do too well. I figured I'd save myself the embarrassment. It's not that I didn't learn this stuff. It's that I learned it so long ago, I sort of forgot it.
  5. 55%. My social studies teachers must be so proud...
  6. I got 96% thanks to google.....:p
  7. I got 87%.
  8. You answered 26 out of 60 correctly — 43.33 %
    Average score for this quiz during September: 74.8%
    Average score since September 18, 2007: 74.8%

    yep, I SUCK! I probably got some of the ones correct that I did get correct by guessing. I swear half of that looked like Greek to me.
  9. That's about the same score I got. I swear, I always hated history class.
  10. I got a 50%...yikes.

    I always hated social studies :p
  11. I need to take a break from this! Too much thinking, not enough drinking!
  12. I'm in high school and I got to question 20 before I bowed out...can't take that much thinking...harder than the AP US History test, I tell ya!
  13. LOL.

    I didn't finish the test. History--especially American History--doesn't particularly interest me. I didn't even like history CLASS in college, which is probably why I was an English/Literature major. Hah.
  14. Well, at least you admit to cheating ;)
  15. I got a 60. Now I remember why I hated history classes.:yes: