Test Drive Unlimited - Anyone?

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  1. My SO just came home with this game and set up an account for me too. :p

    Anyone else cruising that island? :nuts:
  2. Never heard of it! Other than buying the game, is it free or do you have to pay a monthly fee?
  3. It's free except the price for the game :yes:

    and so far I'm having a really good time :p

    You basically drive around Hawaii and try to earn some money by doing races, driven around other people or take a car from one place to another.

    With the money earned you can buy new cars, houses and clothes .... reminds me of Need for Speed - Underground 2 (which I loved :sweatdrop:)

    When in the Online-Mode you can challenge other players or trade with them
  4. Oohhhhh, that sounds fun!

    I like driving games :biggrin: My uncle had a Nascar computer game that came with a stick shift thingy, steering wheel and gas/break pedals...I played that thing for 5 hours in one sitting once :biggrin:
  5. ooooh, then you really should try TDU :nuts:

    The setting is really breathtaking and I think you can set up clubs with people you know, etc

    I still have a lot to learn about what you can do though, we only had it since last night