Test Drive A Bag. Good Idea? Bad Idea??

  1. I am looking to buy my first higher end bag.:yes: So many to chose from on top of all the designers! So I am thinking of renting one. I find the one I like,use it,and if I can't live without it,go out and buy one just like it. This sounds like a good idea.:idea: But is it though? What do you think??
  2. I think it's a great idea...

    Sometimes you just think a bag LOOKS gorgeous when it's really not very practical, and you don't have to go through the whole returning process either.

    I may just do this, now that you've given me the idea!
  3. I was thinking that same thing. I am really really bad at not returning purchases. (however, I did return that Botkier - it had the face of a gremlin and creeped me out)

    I was thinking on becoming a member of BB&S so that I could try them on for size and function.

    I say go for it! :tup:


    please look at this handbag, the beady little eyes and long pointy nose... then being a pony bag, it had hair. AND its looking at me
    botkier 014.jpg
  4. That is how I decided that I loved my LV Hampstead, after trying it out, I went and bought it and absolutely no regrets!
  5. personally it's not for me :smile:
    when i see a bag i kinda now will it suits me or not, i don't like the idea to waste more money on renting them first.
    but it's just me :smile:
  6. ^ I agree. The rentals are REALLY expensive IMO:shrugs:
  7. I've been carrying a bag long enough to have developed a keen sense of what shape and size works, and what just annoys me to pieces.
    As long as I know the dimensions of the bag, I can tell just by looking at it (online) whether or not it's something I could use. However, sometimes when I actually receive the bag, I reject it on quality, color, or as 'not worth the expenditure'; so when I have doubts I try to inspect the bags in a local store before I buy them. Sometimes it makes all the difference. Unfortunatley, very few of my bag purchases were sold at any stores around here, so online buying is normally my only recourse.
    I looked into renting, but the membership fees are huge, and you have no way of knowing how long you'll have to wait for your favorite bag to come available. It would take so much money away from my bag PURCHASING budget to rent them first.
  8. LOL @ Berta. Hilarious, lmao!
  9. Sure, why not? But I find that I can usually get a good idea of how I like it from going to the department store and trying it on for a little while too. I might feel a little bit weird about "renting" a handbag; I don't know why exactly. But I don't see anything wrong with it at all!
  10. I did this with the Mini Paddington. I wanted too see if it was reasonably comfortable on the shoulder. If you just keep it for a week the cost won't be too bad.
  11. rentals are really expensvie! especially the higher end bags on bag borrow and steal... they can go up to $180/ month... i personally do not think its worth it.
  12. ha ha it IS a gremlin! You're right! Or it sort of reminds me of a ferret.
  13. I think when you find a bag there is no test drive, it's like love at first sight!
  14. I actually think it's a great idea to test drive high end bags. It's really hard to tell from a picture such things as strap comfort, practicality of pocket placement, etc. I've wound up selling bags at a loss because they didn't work out - the cost of the rental would have been worth it.
  15. Thank you. This is the best reason why.:tup: