Test Coach bag at Dillards

  1. I went to Dillards in Dallas today and I saw a bag that I have never seen before. It is a large signature tote and the top of the bag is trimmed in leather that is a beautiful teal blue. The straps are also the same blue and so in the interior. There is a large vertical teal blue stripe that is about 3/4's of the way down and then the C's continue under the stripe as well as the bottom. I apologize that I don't have any pictures but I don't know how to use my new camera. There is also a Coach coin that comes on the chain with the tag and there is also a really cute teal blue leather luggage tag that hangs next to the tag. The SA said that it is a test bag and only 4 Dillards in the US have the bag, so ofcourse I had to get it. I just purchased the Denim Indigo Patchwork Tote yesterday with my 25% off, so I really did not need a new bag but I new that I would continue to think about the bag until I went back and purchased it. They also had a large bag that was trimmed in a chocolate brown and I think that other one was trimmed in an off white.
  2. Oh-that sounds cool! Get one of your kids to take a picture-I have to see that!
  3. ohhh...I would love to see pics!
  4. Oh my gosh it sounds gorgeous!! Would LOVE to see this bag so I can drool, haha.
  5. I was able to upload the pictues off my camera to the computer but I don't know how to attach them, and it would not allow my to copy and paste. Unfortunetly my son is to young to know how to do this. The SA in the store did tell me that the line if successfully will be released in August.
  6. Here disney, I hope this helps -

  7. we want pictures!!
  8. Pictures Please!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I seen that! I think? The one I saw was reversible. One side had the Gallery Signature in Kahki, and a big thick stripe around it on the bottom that was weither blue, brown or white. On the inside of it, it was just one of the colors, but it had the same stripe but in the Gallery Signature.

    It was a tote with two thin handles. I saw it once at Macys and never seen it again.
  10. Those bags will be coming out in a couple of weeks.... the style also comes in a zip-around wallet and cosmetic pouches.
  11. Wow, I'd really love to see this bag. :yes:
  12. Email the picture to me at Nishi621@yahoo.com and I will put them on this thread for you-we all want to see this bag-please!!
  13. That is the bag that I have, and it is reversible. I think that the issue with me not being able to upload pictures is with my computer. I may have to try it at work.
  14. Ok, I am going to try this again.
  15. Very cute bag!