Tessuto Gauffre bn1336 info please?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought my first Prada!

    It's a brand new bn1336 and bought it recently from a trusted seller.

    I've been doing some online research but I couldn't really find the right info on this bag. When was it released, and how much did it retail initially?

    I bought the bag (converted to USD) approximately $680.

    TIA for the help, I'd really appreciate info! :smile:
  2. As a matter of fact the Prada BN 1336 retails for $2595 (leather). I don't know how much the nylon is but i am suspicious of that price. Hope its the real deal!!!
  3. the bn1336 size is approximately 13x12x6. if your bag is smaller (specifically size 6x4.5x2) you might've bought the bn2096, because that bag is $680. if it's really a bn1336 and authentic i'd say wow i am so jealous of you because that is a steal.