Tessa is finally home; Reveal w/tons of pic's

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  1. Hello ladies,
    After the long wait for this bag to come to outlet, I finally took Tessa home yesterday at outlet price of 336.00 after all the discounts. This bag retails for 698.00 however it was marked down to 30% off and I got the additional 25% off for Breast Cancer Awareness Promo. I am so happy that I finally was able to take her home. I snipped off the tags and took her out with me to Dinner last night with my husband and my best friends. She is super light to carry with all my stuff in it and I am thrilled :yahoo:

    I also was able to pick up the Ocelot Maggie for 156.00 after discounts and some little accessories. I will post pic's of them below.

    This is Tessa in the Daylight[​IMG][​IMG]
    Next up is Tessa with me last night when I went out to Dinner
  2. Next up is Ocelot Maggie; not sure if I will keep her since I wanted the Ocelot Audrey.
    The SA at the outlet told me they are getting them in next week with Brynne. So I might exchange her.
    Here is Ocelot Maggie for 156.00
  3. Here are the Ocelot Camera Case, and Gray Croc Large Capacity Wristlet.
    Croc Wristlet was 44.00 after discounts and Ocet Camera Case 36.00
  4. Very beautiful, I love the shimmer on Tessa & the chained sling....classic piece to own. Congrats & that was a fabulous score!!
  5. Great collection..Love the shimmer and the animal print..Enjoy them all
  6. Great purchases!!! Tessa is really pretty and looks great on you enjoy, I would love to score a Brynne.
  7. The Tessa looks great on you! I wonder if the Brynne is going to my outlet too? Time to do some research! Great finds lucydee! Enjoy!
  8. Thank you!
    Brynne is coming next week to outlets. That is what I was told by the SA at my outlet.
    I would love a Brynne in Raisin, so I might exhange my Ocelot Maggie for Brynne.
  9. That Tessa is lovely and looks great on you.
  10. I love Tessa! is she bigger or smaller than Brynne?
  11. Very nice lucydee! I'm always happy when you get a good haul at Riverhead because it gives me hope for my next trip. :biggrin:

  12. Good question. I was wondering the same thing. Brynne may be just a tad bigger.
  13. Tessa is a large bag and very wide about 16 inches wide. I don't know the measurements of Brynne but I would say Tessa is a nice size bag and fits a ton of stuff. Even filled up I still have room to fit more stuff.

    Thanks Ladies for your kind comments :biggrin:
  14. Thank you Worldswirl!
    You should defintley go this month because with the extra 25% off and you really can score a great deal on a bag you have always wanted.
    Good luck shopping!
  15. I like your Tessa! You found some great things... Congrats!