Terrifying Store Manager of Beverly Center store! Plz support me!!!


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Mar 17, 2007
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This is very long, bear with me please. TIA! :smile:

I have been on TPF for more than half year now. I don't post much cuz I'm more on the shy side, but I do check on the forum everyday. I probably see 1 new thread about bad experience at LV stores almost every week. Because I have always been treated well by LV, I never completely believed what people said. I always thought a story has 2 sides. Stupid me!

I usually order stuff from my (out of state) SA. So I don't really have a close SA in any of the stores locally. I have a new white multicolor bag that has 2 bleeding pockets, it's a manufacturer's defect. So today I decided to take the bag to Beverly Center store to have them replace the pockets. I have seen people have said to stay away from the Beverly Center store in CA, go to the one on Rodeo instead. Stupid me again, didn't listen to the advices. Because I have been to the Beverly Center store every now and then and they were always nice to me, I never expected I would receive such a bad treatment from the actual Store Manager.

Here is what happened. I walked in the store with a big LV shopping bag. They probably knew I was there to either return or repair something. No one came to help me. I asked for help. Then the Store Manger * finally showed up. She first agreed to take the bag to replace pockets. Then that was how the problem started:

Me: my bag is brand new (all the plastic wrappings are still on handles, hardwears, corners), can you please make sure that the same bag will come back to me in the same new condition? I have heard how people sent their keepall in to replace pockets, and she ended up with a keepall that was not hers.

*: I have never heard such thing.

Me: Can you make sure with the repair people to send my original bag back when it's done and in new condition?

*: I don't do the repair. I can not guarantee what other people are gonna do to it. I can't promise you anything. This is the risk you need to take when having LV repair your bag.

Me: :shocked: Then can you at least put "NEW" on the receipt, so when I come to pick it up, and if it's not my bag, at least I have proof that I did drop off a new bag?

*: I can't do that.

Me: Why?

*: The computer does not allow me to type anything on the receipt.

Me: Can you please hand write "new" on the receipt?

*: You know what, I'm not even gonna take this bag anymore. Our conversation is over.

She walked away. I said "Excuse me". She completely ignored me. Then she walked over to the security and told the security to kick me out. I asked the security "Can I speak with a different manager?" He said, "She's the manager in charge of the whole store." :mad: Basically, she's the highest authority and there is no one else reasonable enough to make a complaint with about her. :mad: Can you believe this? All I did was try to make sure that my bag will come back to me in the same new condition as I brought in. Is that asking too much? I kept the bag for so many years unused for a reason. This is a discontinued white multicolor bag, I like this bag a lot, so I don't want it to be ruined. I am a well manner person, I did not yell or scream at her. I was calmly talking to her. Why do I deserve to be throw out of the store? This has never happened to me in any store.. Not even a no name brand(generic) store. I can not believe the Store Manager of LV would be so rude and cruel. She almost acted like she is a thug leader and had her "people" throw me out of the store.

I then went to the Rodeo store. The moment I walked in, someone came to help me, and the nice SA took me to the manager David. David was more than nice. He quickly printed me out a receipt with "New" on it, and promised me the same bag will come back to me in the same condition. I told him what happened at Beverly Center. He was very suprised. He told me that they were actually recently told to put the condition of the repair item on the receipt. It's not even something a customer needs to request. That's actually for LV's protection. Every other SA/Managers at Rodeo that heard my experience all looked :shocked: One of the girls told David "that's bizarre" One of the other managers couldn't help but ask "who was it?". I can't understand how two stores can treat people so differently. Rodeo store is like heaven, and Beverly center was like hell.

Me and my BF are loyal LV fans. We have spent about 7k in 2009 already and I was going to buy 3 of the eclipse bags (7k again) this month. But I felt very insulted at the Beverly Center store. At the moment, I almost felt like I'm not gonna buy anymore LV items. But I thought about it over. Why would we let a few rude empolyees make us give up the brand we love? Even though I'm not going back to the Beverly Center store anymore, I don't want other LV lovers to be treated the way I have today. Nobody deserves it. So I'm not going to let * get away with the way she treats customers. I don't think any rude SA should get away with something so incredibly disrespectful like this. I'm pretty sure this is not the way LV would like their employees treating customers. Me and my BF are a retail business owners ourselves, and we treat our customers like gold. We would never tolerate any of our employees to treat our customers like this. That's why I strongly feel like I need to make the headquarter of LV become aware of such behavior from their store manager. We should always make the headquarter aware of such unprofessional SA's when we are treated badly for no reason. Hopefully, LV will do something about these kind of situations and act constructively, so that these kind of unpleasant experiences to not occur with anyone in the future. We can continue to buy and enjoy what we love, happily.

Please support me on this and respond to this thread, so I can send this thread to LV and have the corporate side read it. I think we should always notify them about these kind of unpleasant experiences in the future. Hopefully, they will care about their customers enough to do something.
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Jan 29, 2008
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That was a long post, lol. But I completely agree with you. How rude of a STORE MANAGER to act so unprofessionally. I'm sorry this happened to you. This might be why I only purchase from the boutique once a year and order the rest of my bags on ebay. I just don't like dealing with the people.


Aug 9, 2008
* is a big B****! Loud and clear!
babielovah, sorry for the bad experience :sad:
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Apr 25, 2008
Glad you got this resolved at another LV -- don't let this experience stop you from buying the LV that you love-- just don't use that boutique ever again -- go back to Rodeo and give them all your business.


Nov 19, 2006
Why some of these SA's act like this is beyond me. I'm not just talking about LV, but also Gucci, Neimans, etc.
Yes, they work in luxury item stores and deal with wealthy people. However, they forget they are just like you and I, regular working people. That's why they are there behind the counters, no?
The atitudes are ridiculous! I usually shop online for the most part as other than traveling to Boston, there are not that many luxury stores nearby. I have been to various Neimans and other than the one on Worth Ave, they are all wonderful. I also went to Gucci on Worth Avene and they were so-so. I guess it's who you get that day?


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Dec 20, 2006
What a horrid experience. If I were you I would call 866-Vuitton and discuss this with senior management. This is inexcuseable.


Jul 28, 2009
That manager sounds a bit on the lazy side. You need to call and talk to someone who can do somthing about this. I hope that the Manager is reading this and kicking herself for being very disrespectful. Fight this one.
I am sorry for what has happened to you.


Nov 28, 2006
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I can't stand them at the Beverly Center. I have never had good service in there. I used to go in once a week. THey would never even say hi or ask if I needed help. They would just stand there either talking to each other or just stare into spance and ignore me. It is not like I did not buy from them. I was always carrying a LV. It was like pulling teeth to get help.

I also can't stand the SA's at Century City. They may even be worse then Beverly Center.

Hey since you are from LA, would you like to join us for a tpf meet? We have them all the time. There is one tomorrow.


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Jul 10, 2008
I'm so sorry this has happened to you. The SAs over at Rodeo drive are so nice. My last LA purchase was from Century City and this Asian SA was super nice to me. Plus I was in and out of the store in 15 minutes with both bag and wallet with me, she can't complain. ;)

anyway, I've never liked the store over at beverly center either. Even the guard has an attitude when I go in, like it's an exclusive store or something. Well I don't like the mall as a whole actually. I was once in the escalator going up from LV to the food court and took a picture of MYSELF just because. A security guard was waiting for me on the upper floor and requested I delete my picture WTH? sigh.. that mall is beyond me.


I'm so sorry that you went through that. I think you should contact LV. There comes a point where the number of complaints are too numerous to ignore.


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Mar 17, 2007
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Thank you so much everyone! I was beyong mad when it happened. But after I went to Rodeo and met David and the rest of people there, I was fine again.

I have called 866-vuitton yesterday after she throw me out, the Rep Jill said she was gonna call the Store Manger of Bevery Center store to speak with her and call me back. I waited outside the Beverly Center Store for over an hour. Called the Jill a few times, they said she was on the phone. Finally later Jill called me back, she said the Store Manger of Bevery Center was busy helping other customers, so she couldn't talk to her..but I was outside the store that whole time, there was no customer. I saw the manager just standing by the counters. :shrugs

So I decide I'm gonna write to LV, and to any web site or news press. If you have any source I can tell my story to, please PM me.

There is only 1 STORE MANAGER of Beverly Center. Shes a 30-40ish white lady. Please do avoid her if you have to go to Beverly Center. But why go to Beverly Center? When the Bigger, Better, Nicer Rodeo store is just 5 mins away?