Terrific experience at Cartier

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  1. Hi guys,

    My hubby took me to Cartier today as we celebrated Valentine’s Day today and he got me the love ring wedding band version (I prefer it to the regular size). We spent absolute ages in there with a brillant SA who brought out all sorts of rings and sizes. We had drinks, chocolates, and she took pictures of us to make it memorable. I forgot to ask her name but she was absolutely brilliant at the New Bond Street London store. I am so hooked on Cartier now. We just came from ice skating and were dressed in sports clothing also we look quite young. We were treated terrifically and it was busy in the shop. I am so impressed with that boutique. I just wanted to share this as I’m still so excited from today being so awesome!

  2. It looks so good on you! Congrats!!
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  3. Thank you!
  4. Get that SA's name and write Cartier corporate...an outstanding S/A should be rewarded!
    Your ring is lovely, enjoy!
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  5. congrats !!!! I agree that is good to write to the corporate to reward the SA. i wish i get a SA like urs. I like Cartier but keep stopping myself from buying because of a horrible experience i had two months ago
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  6. Does anyone know how I can find out the sa’s name? I’m still buzzing from yesterday. I was truly expecting to be treated like rubbish based on all the stories I read. It was a pleasant surprise.
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  7. Glad you had such a fab experience and congrats on your beautiful ring! I’ve not shopped in Bond Street before but whenever I have in Cartier in Harrods the name of the SA has been on the receipt so maybe check yours?
  8. Me too. We had the worst experience I ever had, when we were at the Brussels store in December. It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon and there’s only 1 customer being served. We were told to sit in a corner to wait. I was very excited initially because DH wanted to get me the rainbow love ring to match my Love bracelet. It’s also supposed to be an anniversary present.

    A few other potential customers came in after us, but most of them left except for 1 couple who came right after us and they were waiting at another corner. We saw several SAs running around the store acting busy and refused to make eye contact with us. We waited for 30 minutes without any indication if we would be attended to. When we asked one of the security staff, we were told (in a rather unfriendly manner) to just wait and he has no idea by when we will be served. I
    was pissed off by such attitude so I decided that we should not spend our money there. We went next door and had the best experience at Bvlgari. It’s certainly a brand that I have been curious for quite a while and now I have all reasons to explore there a bit more in the near future.
  9. Congrats! I think you have been really lucky.
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  10. Congratulations! Gorgeous ring and I’m glad you had such good customer service. I went to New Bond Street last month and the service was amazing too! A young man looked after me, I wasn’t even spending any money as I had an older Love bracelet that I wanted engraved (which was free of charge!), a cuff shined and had my cord changed on my trinity bracelet.
    Like you I had drinks and chocolates, also a tour around the exhibition upstairs and as I mentioned, free engraving on a bracelet around 15 years old. When I went to collect the bracelet they gave me a travel pouch and a cleaning kit! I will definitely be back there as soon as I can find an excuse for a purchase :lol:
  11. Glad to hear they were good to you in there too. Maybe New Bond Street is one of the nicer Cartier shops where they understand the importance of good customer service?

    I can’t wait to buy a love bangle!
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  12. In the US, the SA's name is on the printed receipt or the appraisal if you ask for one.

    And congrats on your beautiful ring, looks great on you!
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