TERRIBLE Service on bagshop.com (LONG)

  1. Hi everyone!
    Just want to tell you about the horrible service I received from bagshop.com.
    I ordered a bag from them and it came, and I loved it, but it was defective and stitched terribly. I called and spoke with the manager, Jason, and he told me to go ahead and send it back and I could do one of two things: 1) he would send a replacement when he got the first bag back, or 2) send a new one out immediately and charge me for it, but refund my first payment when he received the first bag back.
    Since I wanted the bag and didn't feel like waiting even longer, I told him to go ahead and send out the new one and charge me, then refund my original payment when he got the first bag back.
    Soooo, I have UPS confirmation and confirmation from bagshop.com that they received my first bag on Monday Oct 29th. I have yet to see a refund. I have called multiple times, only to hear "oh, it can take several days to show up on your cc". In the meantime, I received the second bag, and it was also defective, so I decided to just be done with the bag and send the second bag back also. Delivery confirmation shows they received the SECOND bag back on this past Tuesday Nov 6th. So yesterday I called to speak with Jason (again, this is the MANAGER!), and he said he would have to look into the refund and he would "give me a call right back". He never did.
    I called today, and he said "oh, yeah, I looked into your refund and it hasn't been done yet. It is in the pile of refunds to be done, so it sould be processed within the next few days". I was like, "Wait, wait, wait, You have had the first bag for 11 days and have not even processed that refund yet, and now you have my second bag also????" I told him I would appreciate if he would personally see to it that BOTH refunds were processed TODAY and not one day later, and he said "FINE!!!" and HUNG UP ON ME!!!!
    I was floored and could not believe he hung up on me, and I was so tempted to call back and give him a piece of my mind, but he is the manager, so who would I talk to?
    At $400 each, I am now waiting for refunds of $800. I think this is appalling and rediculous, but I am afraid if I call and complain, my refund will go even further on the "back-burner", if processed at all!
    I have bought from this company before with no trouble at all, but I can tell you I will NEVER buy from them again!
    (oh also, a side note, both of these bags arrived in boxes so badly beaten up, with address labels of someone else posted on the box under my address label, so they recycle their boxes without removing the other customer's personal info, like name, address, etc.! NICE!!!)
  2. I had the same thing happen to me with active endeavors; they waited almost two months to process my return. I was calling on a daily basis and kept getting the same answer you were given ("it could take up to 7 days"). It's so frustrating - companies give you time limits (i.e. 30 days, etc) to send back the item for a "full refund", yet, they are allowed to take their time in processing the return. I would like to see a company post "We'll process your return with 3 days of receiving the merchandise -OR- your next purchase will be **% off". That would be nice but CS these days (with a few exceptions) is terrible.
  3. ugh! that's horrible!! :tdown::tdown::tdown:

    thanks for the post - i know not to shop there now!
  4. They sell Fakes
  5. ugh, that sucks! i was planning on buying bags from both places. which bag did you order? i'm curious since they were both defective.

  6. Where did you get that idea from? :s

    This quote is from one of the members that always shops with them! (LoriM)

    Please don't worry about Bagshop - they are 100% authentic and buy their items from Longchamp directly (I know because I wanted a wallet from them and they had to call Longchamp to order it).
  7. I would call them one more time and tell them in no uncertain terms that you want your refunds or you will be filing a dispute with your credit card company and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If you don't get your refunds, do exactly that.
  8. Oh, no, they definitely do not sell fakes, but I am very disappointed in their customer service. If I don't see the credit within a few more days I will call again, and raise a huge fuss.

    The bag was a Treesje and I love the style, but the qualty was not at all acceptable. It was beautiful, but the stitching was crooked and some of the leather was accidentally 'folded over' and stitched that way in one area, and the stitching was funky in other areas.

    But, please, authenticity is not my issue. The bags ARE authentic, but the CS SUCKS!!!
  9. Notify your CC company; they will tell you it can take 30 days or so to process, and your CC company will probably give you a temporary credit. Then if they still don't credit you, let the credit company deal with them. I have ordered from them in the past with no issues. It's rude and a pain, but I do think you will get it resolved.
  10. seriously... do a chargeback... f*ck their customer service
  11. I had the same problem with active endeavors! They even claimed my CC had "expired" so they were unable to refund me and issued me a store credit. I was so ticked off. Finally I called my CC company who immediately issued a temporary credit, and wouldn't you know, within a week, AE notified me that I was indeed correct and they were refunding me "immediately". Only took 10 weeks! I haven't actually bought anything from bagshop before, but they seemed nice on the phone. Thanks for the warning!
  12. Call your credit card company, tell them what happened, and that you are disputing the charge. They put it in a kind of limbo, so at least you shouldn't be racking up finance charges if it goes into another billing cycle. It always bugs me that a refund takes so long, yet that charge just takes a split second.
  13. That's really unfortunate. I've never ordered form bagshop because they don't have promo codes or other discounts, and now hearing this I'm not surprised AND I definitely won't be ordering anything from them!
  14. Their site does stated that returns will be processed within 7 days. This is already more than 7 days, I agree with others, take this up with your CC company.
  15. NC: Not Cool:tdown::tdown::tdown:
    Thanks for saving me the hassle.