TERRIBLE service at SAKS

  1. I would honestly escalate this already because it's getting ridiculous! Just call corporate and make it a big deal, as this is your right! Stop waiting around, just do it so you can get it out of the way. Good luck with everything and keep us updated!!
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    Wow - I am completely shocked.

    No credit two weeks later, I called the store to get a shipping confirmation tracking # as advised by a Saks associate that contacted me after i wrote a negative review on Saks.com for the product I purchased.

    Called the store Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - talked to the manager who had no access to the system to see my order. She asked me multiple questions - bar code number, order number, email - even tried to get my credit card info to attempt to track the bag - which I said no to. While I was told by 24/7 customer service and the associate who responded to my negative review online that finding a tracking number should be simple - the manager could not find it for me. She called me back Friday and left me a voicemail to say that the return would be processed.

    On the following Monday, today, I get a call from a general Saks customer service agent telling me the return (thank god) will be processed but also tells me the store did not ship my bag for return until this past FRIDAY - meaning, the person who took the bag from me LIED to me when I called May 14th and she said it was shipped. Not only lied - but waited two extra weeks until shipping it for return!

    Now - I have to wait yet another two weeks for the return to be processed. AND, the customer service person told me I'd have to contact the store again to get a shipping confirmation tracking number (I've already called the store more then ten times in the last week - getting no pick up on the other end or not being able to reach the person who took my bag or the manager).

    I am completely appalled that the store 1) lied to me when I tried to confirm they shipped the bag, 2) could not TELL me that they didn't ship the bag when I was trying to track the return two weeks later, and 3) didn't even apologize (instead I got a call from a general saks agent to tell me the return will be processed - in an additional two weeks).

    .....ok - I got so angry I that I didn't get an explanation, I stopped typing and called the store. The manager apologized and explained she was getting frustrated at why she couldn't track the bag either, and she told me the person who took my bag thought it was shipped because she signed off on it and then they had some problem at the store where inventory had to be tracked. They could not continue with shipping anything until they checked inventory - and somehow that meant the delay of the bag getting shipped.....something like that. I have to wait an additional two weeks to see if the return is processed. They will be sending me a $50 gift card. Was my headache worth $50? Hell no, but at least it's somewhat of an apology - and at least FINALLY - I know I will be getting a credit for the bag that seemed to disappear and reappear again two weeks later.
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    It's been another two weeks and STILL no return. Also no gift card that was promised - which is fine but I don't appreciate them telling me that they'll be sending me a gift card.

    The return was supposed to take 2 weeks to process. It's now been more than 5 weeks.

    I finally decided to put in a dispute with the credit card company.
  4. Wow! What a experience, and talk about terrible CS! I am currently experiencing a similar situation. I returned an item via mail with their pre-paid return label on June 6, but I still have not received a refund yet. I then decided to track the package, but to my horror, USPS says they have no record of it whatsoever (I dropped it off at an USPS shipping kiosk located inside of an Office Depot store--I should've gotten a shipping receipt). I then called Saks to see whether they've received it yet, but they kept telling me that the tracking number doesn't work and that I need to get my item to them soon or I won't receive a refund. Ugh! Makes me so mad, because I obviously don't know whether my item is lost, in the process of being delivered, or has been received but not processed. Their rude, uncaring attitudes don't help either! This was my first but definitely last time shopping with them--they are just horrible!

    I hope you get your situation resolved!!! :pullhair:
  5. i'm sorry for all your horrible experiences... i'm so scared that one day this might be me as i'm already receiving rude treatment for returns.

    OP i hope you will get your refund soon this is just unacceptable.. i would be flipping out!!

    does anyone know if the associate loses money or something if you return something online with them??? i really don't get this....
  6. OP - Sorry you're going through this...hope it works out okay. :hugs:

    PS. Agree with the poster on Boston's Saks...it's amazing. So is the Tyson's one.
  7. My experiences with saks have been pretty good, but I must admit any time I returned an online purchase, it took FOREVER to get my card credited back. Even if there ws no problem with the item. Although, any time I returned the online purchase in-stoe, they just gave me a refund immediately no problem. Sorry you had to deal with all this!