Terrible profit!

  1. My mom had given me some items and said to sell on eBay and keep the money. One item was from 1935, an antique radio she used to listen to as a child (she's 81). Well I had a lot of watchers but ended up selling all of $55.00. I had researched and charged $45 for shipping. Well, went to mailbox etc to play it safe and had them ship it - for $88! So I made all of $22.00. Sometimes I wonder if this whole eBay thing is worth it. I feel bad since it was an antique. But live and learn I guess.
  2. i feel for ya!!!

    that's happened to me before, too. once i stated i'll ship to the US expedited for $10-15 which is usually what it costs me for a pair of jeans. but then some girl from hawaii bid and it cost me almost $20! plus i found out it takes 4-6 WEEKS when usually the mainland takes 1-2 weeks so now she wants her money back! UGH. i lost out on shipping PLUS now i'm going to lose out on the item.
  3. Did you factor in the eBay fees and paypal fees? Yeah, some times you don't make as much as you think you do with all the fees. I feel like they are taking an arm and legs for letting people sell on their site. Not only that they pretty much raise their fees every year too.

    I usually ship Xpresspost to Hawaii because it'll take so long with Expedited. I rather do that then have the customer come back and complain to me about the shipping. It so annoying when people don't understand that you can't make the post office deliver any faster!
  4. Oh, sorry to hear that! I have been burned too. I especially hate the fees that ebay and paypal charge.. robbery!! :tdown:
  5. Geez I'm sorry to hear that.
    It's stuff like that that makes me wish there were better consignment shops around me. I want to get rid of the stuff to make room but I don't just want to GIVE it away so cheaply, you know? Sigh.
  6. It was my own fault. I should of put a reserve on it. I was going to look for a radio shop who would buy it but didn't get around to it. At least its not hanging around in my living room anymore (trying to think positive)
  7. wow. thats expensive. how much did it weigh and where did you ship to? i never go to those mailbox etc places because they're pretty much just doing what i can do minus the fees.
  8. That has happened to all of us..and it is a total bummer! Now, I've sold thousands of items, and it still happens once in a while!