Terrible NYC experience I felt like sharing

  1. I"m currently sitting in a hotel in NYC after a really terrible experience. I found a room for rent on Craigslist in an apartment in the Central Park South area of NYC one month ago as I will be commencing my 6 month internship tomorrow. An older couple wrote me that they have a spare room in their apartment and we wrote each other various emails and they sounded very nice and credible. When I arrived five days ago on Wednesday night the man picked me up from the airport and told me that the woman could unfortunately not make it. When we arrived in the apartment he showed me around and I discovered that it was only a tiny (!) 1 bedroom apartment and that he was living on a blow up mattress in the living room. Furthermore, when I asked where the woman is he explained to me that she was only going to be there on the weekend. This all seemed odd but I was willing to give it a try. The man then invited me for a welcome drink and we went to a local bar. In the bar he started telling me how beautyful he found me the whole time (!) and that he had chosen me because of my picture .He started taking my hand and continued to do so even though I constantly pulled away. I felt so bad because I was completely jetlagged (I had just arrived fom Australia) and was completely exhausted. This situation was so uncomfortible and awful I did not know what to do.He then went on to tell me that he wants small blond and blue eyed girls from Vienna (which is EXACTLY me) and not his fat girlfriend . It was so groce. A woman that was also sitting at the bar even came up to me as she must have noticed that I was extremely uncomfortible and asked me if I am alright and that I am hopefully not going home with him. I was shocked as I noticed that I was not the only person feeling the ackwardness of this situation. We went home and he costantly tried to put his hand on my back and touched my arm-it was so disgusting. When we got home I just quickly went into my room and called my fiance to tell him what happened. He was extremely concerned, too. The next day I just stayed in my room or quickly snuck off outside because the man was in the apartment the WHOLE day, looking at me every single time I went to the toilet or left the room as you could see my door from the loungeroom. On Friday his girfriend came (thank GOD!) and she asked me to come for a drink with them so I thought I would give this a try. I only sat next to her and found out that she was a recovering widow and she said, about 50 times, that "he's such a joker" which is , I guess, how she deals with his remarks. I then found out that he only ever lives with females and people that only temporarily move to NYC. This all started to feel even more odd. We then went home and, about 15 min after I went to my room, they started having REALLY loud sex- but I only heard him. It was disgusting. I heard EVERYTHING you could possibly hear- it got so bad that I had to put my fingers into my ears because I could not stand it anymore.After everything that had happened I felt so disgusted and started crying and called my fiance as well as my parents. My fiance urged me to move out, but it was Saturday so I could not look for new apartments. I started searching the net and competely avoided them both the whole day. The next night the same really loud (only him again) sex took place again so I called my fiance and he could hear the guy having sex while I was talking to him on the phone. I got the feeling that this guy relly wanted me to hear it and started to be really scared of being alone with him again. I packed my things, wrote them a note explaining that the apartment was not as described and that I did not know only he was going to be living there (that was NEVER mentioned-I kept all the emails) and that I though they woukd have an own bedroom instead of him living on the loungeroom floor (that was never mentioned either!). So I asked the to pay the remaining rent of the month as well as the bond back into my account and left. I am still shacken up by this awful situation as I am living in a hotel now and have to begin work tomorrow- honestly, I am quite devostated. I then received an email from him today stating that he is keeping the September rent and that he will charge me and take it out of my bond until somebody else moves in, describing me as being "unprofessional" for leaving. I really don't know what to do but I was really scared of being alone with this guy again and really felt like I had to go.However, I also really need that money to find and pay a new place. :crybaby: I am so devostated and don't know what to do.
  2. This sounds like a scam of some kind. Perhaps you can contact the police precinct in that area and see if they can help you. Methinks this is probably a scam these two have pulled before- advert for the apartment, send the person out scared to death- and keep the money.
  3. Oh MarieG, I am so sorry you had to experience this! The whole thing gives me goosebumps. I agree with Roo. It sounds like a scam. Even if it is not a scam I am very happy that you left that apartment! The whole thing sounds creepy and unsafe. You absolutely did the right thing by leaving immediately. If it was up to me I would have left the first night! The man sounds like a total reprobate!

    I would definitely contact the local police and report them. It may sound like an overreaction but you need to get your money back from these people. I would not go by myself to that apartment to collect the $$. In the meantime that money could pay for your hotel room while you look for a place to stay. Your internship office, do they have any reputable places they could recommend?
  4. I would ask around at work and see if they can recommend a place to you..STAY AWAY FROM THAT WHACKO!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I am so sorry!! You did the 100% right thing and are lucky you got out when you did. As for the $$, you may be stuck. I would call the police as advised above. I would, under no circumstances, meet with him again.
    Hopefully some NYC pFRS can give you some advice.
  6. How awful! Maybe one of our NYC members knows someone with a room or sublet and can help you out?
  7. marieg, what a horrible experience!!! So glad to hear that you moved out of there! Staying there would've been so unsafe!

    I hope you have better luck finding a new place.. or even a temporary place to stay at that! That must be so scary to move basically half-way across the world to encounter something like this!

    I think with NYC you definitely have to check out a place in person first because there are just so many creepies out there! Beware of the places on Craig's list! Although it is definitely a helpful resource you have to be very selective to weed out the bad ones! I guess kinda like e-Bay.. there's a lot of trolls out there!

    I remember when my sister was looking for a place in NYC for the summer to do an internship, she called/e-mailed places she found on Craig's list.. and sometimes the posting sounds decent enough.. but after a bit more inquiry people were saying stuff like "females only", "cheap/cheaper rent in exchange for alternative methods of payment". Totally gross and sickening stuff! I know finding a decent place to live in NYC is tough.. but stuff like this is just ridiculous!

    Good luck with your search AND with getting your money back! Even if the police can't do anything for you... perhaps filing a report and at least having it documented may save others and also if you have any other sort of contact from that creep you already have it documented with a date and your case would be more solid. Also, the police may have some good advice for you on how you can go about trying to get your money back or even steer you in the direction of somewhere to start your search for safe housing!
  8. You brave woman!!! You trusted your instincts and didn't stay any longer than you had to--way to go!! I wish I had some specific advice for you but I just have support and prayers that you find an affordable (is that possible in NYC?), safe place to stay. It sounds like you are not from America and really, most Americans are not like him at all. What a creep, and I really wonder about that woman.

    Wishing you some calm thoughts--
  9. OMG, what a horrible thing that happened to you. *hug* im so sorry to hear that. Hopefully our NY pfers can give you some good pointers. May be people at work can help you out as well. Good luck.
  10. so sorry that you had to experience that...good luck with the search and just keep making sure that you are not in the place alone... in the place where you will be an intern at, you can ask some of your co-workers.. good luck and will keep you in my prayers..
  11. I totally agree with lordguinny, your internship office should help you relocate to proper living quarters, hopefully on the premises or close by. For now, the main thing is to get you settled and start your internship feeling good about things.

    I can understand this is dreadful since you have come a long way from home. Not everyone is like that lecherous man, but there are alot of mentally troubled individuals out there. Just keep your wits about you and stay alert in NYC. Best thing is make sure you set up a strong network at your internship. Good luck.
  12. I agree. You should really call the police and find out if they can help you w/ this. You can't be too nice to people like this jerk and don't let him think that he can get away w/ this. I'm sorry this happened to you.
  13. OMG even if you don't get your money back, you did the right thing, however, like the other girls have mentioned, maybe the police will be helpful in this situation. But yikes, that could have turned into a very dangerous situation for you, and so I'm glad you're safe and in a hotel! Hopefully someone at work will have some suggestions for you on places to live!
  14. Seriously I would have been out the first minute. That is completely not ok. He was sexually harassing you. You need to contact the police- that is exactly what I would do. They will send you to someone who can look into it for you. Until then check craigslist and go scope out the places- some places in Brooklyn are cheaper... I will look for some website links I used when searching for a place in NYC and let you know. SOO Sorry this happend to you!
  15. thank goodness you are out of there. do not go back alone ever! and please do contact the police as soon as you can to tell them what happened. in the meantime, do you feel comfortable talking to anyone at your internship? if it's a company that has a human resources dept they might be able to help you with housing. i also have some ideas but i need to do some research to get phone numbers, etc and i will send you a pm later tonite...