Terrible leg pain at beginning of cycle??

  1. Anyone? I get this terrible pain in my right leg only when my cycle begins. My cycle always starts during overnight hours when I am sleeping. I am awakened because I get the most terrible aching in my right leg..thigh area mainly. Once my cycle is on it's gone but it's so painful that I can still feel a 'soreness/cramp' in my thigh the next day. As is the case today...this happened to me last night. Crazy! I'm regular and this pain has happened for years now. Even told my GYNO about it and he says its normal.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences this...
  2. You might need more potassium at this time.

    You can eat a banana or take a supplement.

    Muscle cramps are often related to low potassium levels.

    You also might do extra stretches for those muscles when you know That Time of the Month is coming. You can stretch out your thigh muscles in bed.

    I procrastinate getting up in the morning by stretching in bed. I have become quite knowledgeable about the large variety of stretches done while prone!

    Good luck!
  3. ^^Oh My, thanks! I think my dr did mention potassium. I workout and stretch regularly normally ( 6 days a week) but I will do more stretches at that time to see if that helps. Thanks again! Hopefully next month I won't have this problem.
  4. Actually magnesium is better for muscular cramps and pains. raspberry leaf is good as a muscle relaxant too especially if you get pms cramps
  5. Do you take birth control? I don't want to alarm you but leg cramps can be a sign of blood clots which can happen on hormonal birth control (like the pill).

  6. Yes very true. I was getting terrible leg pains too when I was on a different pill years ago...horrible pain. it goes away once you get off the pill.

    speak with your gyno about it either way.
  7. ^^ Thanks for bringing this topic back up. I'm just now seeing what Zoey posted.

    Yes, I do take the pill (am considering having tubal ligation because we are done with kids). I am taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. I've just been taking it for a year...before that I was taking the regular Ortho Tri-Cyclen. Hmmmmm... I will definitely speak to my gyno because now that you have mentioned it I think it's been occurring since I've been taking this pill! It's just one leg and always only that first day of my cycle..terrible pain but nothing after that first day. I will check with my gyno! Thanks so much!:heart:
  8. Yes, I get leg aches during the first day of my cycle. It may be normal but it sure is aggravating.

    I'm in late perimenopause and I swear there are so many crazy things going on in my body, it's enough to make me set my hair on fire.

    I can't WAIT for this be over! Menopause will be a welcome relief. I'm too old for this stuff.
  9. I used to get terrible leg pain at the beginning of my cycle also. My legs felt like I had 50 pound weights attached to them!

    I started taking magnesium to help me sleep better. And that made a difference!

    Also started stretching my hip flexors more (not my thighs - even though my thighs are what hurt). Sounds weird but it works like a charm.
  10. Hey! I cant take birth control for this reason. When i was younger i was on birth control to regulate cycles, but when I went on fertility treament and got a cyst a few months back my gyno put me on BC and i ended up in the ER with TERRIBLE leg pain and they took my clotting levels via blood through an artery and come to find out i didnt have a clot but my clotting levels were high. Be careful!

  11. I'm on OTC Lo also for the past 10 months. So far so good. No problems. Thank God!
  12. Just lately i've been getting leg cramps a week before my period starts. Tylenol doesnt help much and because of it i cant seem to sleep at night. I just dont know what to do. :s
  13. I get really sharp cramps that go down one leg monthly, too :sad:

    They don't really seem to be affectly by any sort of dietary or life style changes and always last for 36 hours and then dissapear until the next month.