Terrible hot stamping by LV. At my wits end!

  1. First off, happy new year everyone!

    I’m having a conundrum and would appreciate your advice! I really wanted to get the LV heart and some initials hotstamp but we don’t have the heart here in th uk so I went through Shop and box and found a nice lady in the USA willing to buy the item for me from a New York store (in this instance an iPhone X case) and have it hot stamped. I paid well over the odds to get it, what with customs fees, the shoppers fees, website fees and the like, and was hugely disapointed to see the hot stamper had done a terrible job on the initials upon receiving it! It was an incredibly shallow stamp barely hovering on the surface of the leather, no embossing at all! Lots of foil was missing with more flaking off when I lightly brushed it with a finger. This is before I had even had a chance to use it!!!! Someone at LV actually thought this was acceptable! The heart isn’t peeling but is just as shallow so no doubt will follow suit!

    I took it on the chin feeling it wasn’t my personal shopper’s fault and decided to just go through the whole procedure again and just buy a new case. It would be too complicated to send the first one back to the USA and I couldn’t be unlucky twice, right? I told my shopper that the first hot stamp had been done inadequately and it was really important to me that an experienced hot stamper at LV did it this time because I had by now parted with stupid money for one little phone case just for the heart hot stamp! This morning I got a notification on Shop and Box and opened it to see my new phone case appearing to be, once again, surface stamped with no discernible embossing! Nooooooo! My personal shopper said:
    “The rep said the foil is easy to peel off because of the material.”

    Huh?! I’ve had 20 plus items hot stamped here in the uk including my previous iPhone case and have NEVER had a bad stamp! I have read about it happening on TPF but clearly this person at the LV store hasn’t a clue what they are doing! My previous iPhone7 case hotstamp still looks like the day it was first stamped even after a couple of years of daily use with no babying! A correctly done hotstamp should be deep and crisp, creating a little housing in which to lay the foil! Omg, I don’t need to explain it to you guys do I?!

    The question is what would you do?! I’ve told my shopper that I am unhappy and am waiting for her reply. Understandably I have to pay her every time she goes to the store but I don’t know what to do if the SA’s at LV have the audacity to deny the problem?!

    Here is a photo of the first hotstamp as it was upon receipt. I’ve never seen such a sloppily done stamp, it’s clearly horrible!! I have asked my shopper which store it was exactly but I wonder if she thinks I am being fussy as I don’t think she is a LV collector herself or else she would know this was not cool and reject the stamp immediately upon seeing it!

  2. If you have the original LV receipt of the purchase and hot stamping you could always contact your local or nearest LV boutique! I suppose they could send the phone foil to repairs or restamping or exhange it to another one.
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  3. Sadly I can’t have the heart hotstamp done here in the uk which was the reason I went through this process.
  4. I would send your shopper back but call first and try to talk to someone in store before she arrives. I don’t know how much confidence I would have in her speaking on your behalf to express your dissatisfaction.
  5. You could try to have someone else at LV to look at the piece and replace it. They do replace items sometimes if the hot stamping is done badly. I'd personally have only ordered the heart stamp to be done in the US for the second time and once you receive the case, bring it to a local UK store and then do the initials.
  6. Why did the personal shopper accept such a shoddy job? I would have demanded LV make it right and never sent a client a piece like that and I certainly wouldn't charge you again to back to the store. I've seen on the forum cases where LV will replace the product if they eff up the stamping. Hopefully your PS will help by dealing with the store for you. Good luck.
  7. If the hot stamp is done poorly, Louis Vuitton will replace the item. I would go to my nearest store and ask an SA for advice. I bet they will replace it. In the end, the “heart” stamp is unimportant. I would rather have a new piece with my initials properly stamped.
  8. Agreed with all! I don’t know why the personal shopper accepted it, I don’t think she is a LV collector and probably was under the impression that if a supposed high end boutique deemed it acceptable then that was the norm. It doesn’t help that the SA actually told her peeling was NORMAL! My shopper did send me a pic on the Shop and Box app prior to shipping in fairness but it was low res and the problems were not that obvious. However I have looked at the newly uploaded photo of the 2nd phone case on the app with extreme scrutiny and I can tell it’s another shallow job!
  9. I'm not sure I'm following but I'll try.

    You wanted an LV item that was not available in the UK (some form of heart) that you wanted stamping with your initials. The stamping is a hot mess and you're not happy - you have the first item in your possession.

    If I've followed this correctly so far then I'd be hot-footing it to my nearest LV store to see if they can do anything about the hot stamping in store (there's no reason LV in the UK can't stamp initials.) If they can fix it, all well and good. If they can't, they may be willing to source a replacement (even if the item isn't available here.) But that's the route I'd try first rather than all this expense with personal shoppers and you being unhappy. You don't have to explain everything you went through to get this item at the store, just say it was a gift.
  10. Thank you Vernis lover. I will consider that.
  11. My shopper went to the store on Madison and 5th in NY. Anyone familiar with it and have a trusted SA there?

    My shopper told me that the SA told her that some materials such as phone cases are difficult to stamp. While I appreciate this can be the case I know it comes down to the experience and expertise of the stamper. If a stamp isn’t embossed deeply and crisply it’s obviously going to flake off! If this material was impossible to stamp then LV would not offer hot stamping personalisation on their phone cases as standard on the website!

    Here is my old iPhone case that was used A LOT over several years. As you can see it’s been really well used (the only LV item I don’t baby) it’s stained, scratched and grubby BUT the hot stamp is still perfect!! It is made from the same material but has been hotstamped properly!
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  12. Where was the heart meant to be?
  13. It’s at the top of the case with the initials under the “made in.”
  14. I can't even see it?! That hot stamping is terrible, I hope they will sort it out for you.
  15. I hadn’t included it in the photo. This was my original photoshop mock up.
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