Terrible experience with Goyard purchase

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  1. Hello, I am new to this thread. I have just purchased my first Goyard, the Anjou tote. As with all my luxury handbags, I researched it pretty thoroughly before buying and I really wanted this purse. I am very upset that I have not been able to get my tote exactly how I wanted it to be. My experience with Goyard's customer service has been so indifferent and unresponsive, it is offensive.
    Knowing I would be in London this month (from the U.S.), I wanted to buy the bag while there, admittedly for the tax refund. I had been calling the Mount St. store before my trip. They often had the bag in stock in the color I wanted but could not hold one for me (fair enough). They advised me to call 2 days before my arrival and they should have it in stock and could hold it for me at that time. When I called 2 days before my arrival, they didn't have the tote in the color I wanted and could not order it from the Paris store. I really wanted this tote and at the last minute I decided that when I arrived in London I would make a quick trip to to Paris and try to buy it there, which is exactly what I did, with no problem , except when it came to ordering the accompanying personalized tag.
    I knew from my research that there is a lot of misinformation and confusion out there about the 'procedure' for acquiring this tag, even within Goyard. Knowing this, I called my local Goyard store before my trip and asked if I would be able to buy the tag there, if I had bought the tote in Europe. I was told 'yes, absolutely' . Nonetheless, I still asked about buying the tag when I was in Paris but was told - as I already knew from my research- they had to order it and ship it to me in the States, which costs about as much as the tag, making buying it in the States much more logical. The salesperson was helpful and checked with his manager and the European sales director and they both said 'no', the tag must be bought with the tote.
    I admittedly took a risk and gambled on trying to obtain this tag when back in the States, since my local store had already told me they could order it for me. When I returned I called my local store and this time they read me the 'procedure' and said it wouldn't be possible. It was the same person who a week ago had said it would be no problem (he didn't recall this, of course). He was sympathetic enough and said he would speak with his manager and they would get back to me at the latest the next day. No one did, and when i called the next day it was the same person who answered. He said his manager had said it wouldn't be possible, EVEN if they had previously agreed to my purchasing the tag under these conditions. I calmly expressed my extreme disappointment. I don't know if he felt guilty or sympathetic or both, but he said he would check again to see if there was anything that he could do with his manager and would call me back without fail the next day (today). "Customer service is customer service," he said. Right. Once again, no one called me back.
    At this point it doesn't look like I will get the tag, which for me is the special part of the purse. I don't love the purse as much without it. I am so upset by Goyard's behavior about this, which I find stubborn and arrogant- especially since i bought the purse one week ago and made it clear from the beginning that I want the tag, and also because I have done my homework and I know that Goyard has bent their own rules about this tag, more than once. I will admit I made a mistake in thinking they would oblige me, despite this stringent rule of theirs. I get their desire to maintain exclusivity and that they are a luxury brand, but this is ridiculous to me and just plain bad customer service. Is it such a big deal to order this tag for me? I even made a special trip to Paris to get it (they knew this, too). I have really been burned by Goyard and I don't intend to buy from them ever again.
  2. I know how hard this must be. I actually think you should go in store and talk to the manager yourself. It's always easier to deal with people face to face. I am sure they can make an exception. Forget the sales person you talked to on the phone. At this point, just go to someone in charge. Be nice and explain the situation. You had received the news that you could get the tag in the states before you purchased the bag. Keep positive and I am rooting for you. I have had a couple of situations go in my favor at LV and Chanel by just talking nicely with the manager. They want your continued business. Who knows if they guy even actually asked the manager! Good luck!
  3. Thank you so much...I will try that!

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  6. Do we have an update to this situation OP?
  7. For any unclear reason they seem to prefer to sell the bag without tag, I had to specifically ask for personalization last August in Paris, I almost forgot to ask. They advised against direct marking on the bag as it would be stretched to often and after asking for a tag they eventually came up with the residence tag. I think It was around 240 euros shipped after compulsory marking with initials to EU. Probably they want to avoid any resale or other use of the tag other on the Anjou of the first buyer,
    If you're in their files for your Anjou purchase, why don't they allow the tag purchase a couple of weeks later? It's difficult to understand their policy. Would It be possible in Paris?
    I guess they'd sell more if a tag came standard with the bag and marking would be an option; isn't this important for this specific bag?
    Good luck trying to sort this out for you!
  8. Hi everyone, sorry for the late post. I'm happy to report that my story has a happy ending. However, I was very lucky. The next day after my post, I was wearing my Anjou tote and bumped into a friend, and she complimented my bag. I confessed my dilemma and frustration about the tag to her. It turns out that her good friend works with Goyard and has connections there, and my friend immediately contacted this person to help me. I had no idea she had such a contact, what luck! Anyway, this friend then immediately reached out to several Goyard execs with my story. Well, her friend received the same 'no' and the same exact explanation that I received, namely that the tag and tote must be purchased together. They were told 'no' several times over the course of a few days. My friend's friend persisted and politely but firmly expressed their exasperation and disbelief at the lack of good customer service in allowing me to purchase the tag. It wasn't until this person was going to go higher up the chain that the manager and decision-maker was apparently pressured enough to acquiesce. "Well, let me see what I can do," he said, and then (finally) 'allowed' the order for my tag to be placed.
    To be fair, I never ended up going to the store personally to make my case, so I will never know how far that would've gotten me. But what happened in my case is that the decision to order the tag was ultimately another manager's responsibility- it was not up to my local store manager - and we were all coming up against a brick wall in that case. I do believe that if I didn't have this person in my corner with connections I would not have received my tag. In my case, it was really difficult to get this through this particular 'gatekeeper'. I certainly don't have the connections there and don't think the deciding manager would have cared to help me (he is in another state). I sincerely hope this is a case of some sour apples in the bunch, but I'll never know. I still believe that when a customer is clearly expressing interest in purchasing a monogrammed tag to accompany their tote there should be some flexibility in their policy.
    Anyway, I finally have the bag, exactly as I wanted it, so I will stop my rant now and just enjoy the purse! I will say this: I was terrified to post any updates on TPF until I had the tag in my possession [emoji57]. Thanks again everyone for the advice and support, I appreciate it!
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  9. Happy for you, enjoy your Anjou now!
  10. You should do a reveal with your long awaited tag!
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