Terrible Experience w. Saks LV in NYC

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  1. So, I called and asked that an item be put on hold. At first, the SA said they did not have the item in stock. I was confused, I told him that I was connected by 866 VUITTON because they HAD the item in stock. He said "Oh, let me look again." :confused1: Magically, the he found the item and took my info to hold it. Then...I called back to see if instead of picking it up tonight I could come in tomorrow morning. Another SA said he was on lunch and would call me back. After 2 hours of waiting, I called back AGAIN and got him on the phone. Rudely, he said "Oh I'm glad you called, you gave me a bad number. The item I held was actually sold, so sorry." Now, I was so :censor: angry. My number was not bad and how could you take my CC info and hold an item and then afterward it's sold. I was very calm and asked what happened to my CC info. he said, oh we destroyed it. I just said OK and hung up the phone. I caled 866 VUITTON and asked to post a complaint. The fabulous agent was so understanding and annoyed. When the checked my purchase history, he was even more helpful. :P He found another store who had my item in stock and had them call me. Now, the bag is on it's way to my house from Florida. Thank God this ended with me getting my bag! Otherwise, I would be very angry :mad: But I got such great service from corporate! :yahoo: Can't wait to debut my new bag!
  2. So happy you got your bag. I wish people would just be honest and upfront. If he had the bag on hold for another customer, why not just say so and stop with the shenanigans?
  3. I am sorry for your terrible experience but in the end you are the winner because you got the bag that you wanted. Congrats!!! :balloon: Don't forget to post modelling pics when the bag arrives. :smile:
  4. HowardU, I agree. If you do have it in stock, but its being held, just say so. I hate the lying and "Oh no we dont have that bag." They also pretend not to know what youre talking about. I mean, you don't know your own products??? Crazy. I will def post pics when the bag arrives this week. Anyone understand why they lie??
  5. I used to work in retail. Sometimes some shady SA would do what ever it took to get a sale. Meaning if someone walked in that we would give it to them first. It is wrong I know. Oh, and I didn't work for LV just to clear that up. I am glad you got it in the end. Congrats!
  6. Yea it sounds like he was holding it and was not suppose to and the other customer came first> this sounds like me and my coworkers at Bloomies in the early 90's. We would kill for a sale.
  7. so......what ya gettin?????
  8. its supposed to be here tomorrow!
  9. Don't let one person ever spoil your experience. If you're not happy with how you are being treated, politely ask to speak to another SA, or a manager. Sometimes as women we don't assert ourselves properly. Remember, it's never bad form to ask for another person to assist you....glad corporate was professional, as usual. Post photos of the bag when you receive it!!
  10. Here's the bag!

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  11. love yr bag.. modeling pics?
  12. lvpradafanatic- i'll post them tomorrow!
  13. well we love the Bag please tell us the name and price and any other pics. Congrats.
  14. AAH! So sorry about your horrible experience!! But I am glad you got the bag you wanted!
  15. Glad it all worked out well in the end...

    Happy Shopping!!