Terrible Experience at Barney's Chicago!

  1. I stopped by Barney's in Chicago the other day to check out their Balenciaga stock. When I walked in, the first thing I was struck by was the overall terrible quality of all the bags that were out - REALLY thin leather all around. I assumed this was probably just because they were the "display" bags.

    I was pretty curious what the deal was though, so went up to the sales associate holding a black work and politely asked her to tell me what year/season the bag I was holding was. (I assumed it was 2006 leather.) She looked at me like was from Mars, and really snootily said, "I don't understand that question." I tried to clarify, nicely, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm asking what year/season this specific bag *holds up gross looking black work* was produced." She gives me a really angry/confused look, and says in the most condescending voice EVER, "This is a 'motorcyle' bag (with emphasis). You see, these bags are part of a line that is *extremely popular*. They're made every year. So there's no season or year."

    .....ummm....yeah....thanks. I replied that I understood that Balenciaga made black/white bags every year, I just wanted to know what year the bag I was holding was. She replied, in an even more condescending voice, "Oh, there is no way to tell that. There's no way for us to tell you what year that bag is. The manufacturer doesn't mark it in any way."

    ....!!!!!!!!! What???? That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. This woman was totally clueless. Not only did she treat me like I was bothering her, but she also acted like I was a totally clueless shopper who *obviously* wasn't going to buy anything and therefor wasn't worth her time. How offensive! I am relatively young, but I've never been treated so poorly by a sales associate in my life, and I'm accustomed to shopping in higher end stores.

    Uff....sorry...had to vent!
  2. NO ONE has a right to talk to you like that when you are a customer in their store! These sales associates sometimes get a case of thinking they own the store instead of remembering they just work there! The nerve of some people.

    My sister was mistreated in a boutique once and demanded to speak to the manager. They took care of the employee and apologized. You should definitely speak to her supervisor and emphasize that you are (or were) a paying customer and associates like her will make you and others have to go elsewhere to do their high-end shopping! Don't settle for that kind of treatment!
  3. I agree. I would actually phone the manager and tell him/her politely that you had really wanted to purchase a bag yesterday, but that the lack of knowledge and courtesy by the salesperson persuaded you otherwise. I am fed up with SAs that feel that they are god's gift to the luxury market. While I've been extremely lucky in my dealings here in Toronto (granted, we have ONE place to buy nice things), I keep reading horror stories on this forum and elsewhere. Hello? COMMISSION???
  4. Yuck, what an awful woman. :push: I would've asked for her name and written a letter about her...

    The SAs at my Barneys are always very friendly and nice (they know me and I'm a pretty good customer), but they are often also clueless... It's always a shame when people don't know their merchandise. :confused1:
  5. I had bad experience with Barney's Chicago as well. I called last year to inquire about the color on the "Purse", and the SA was really clueless and confused, kept asking me which style of Balenciaga purse I am asking for. While I insisted the style name called "Purse", and she went nuts, and told me she has never heard Balenciaga has a style called "Purse", they only have motorcycle purse/bag in small, medium, and large size.
  6. I'm upset for you too. You should definitly talk to a manager.
  7. Yes, I'm planning on calling the store tomorrow morning and speaking with a manager. I was just so stunned when it happened, that I didn't even know how to react. I just thanked her and walked away. In retrospect, I really should have said something on the spot!

    I really just hate it when sales associates assume that just because you're young, you aren't going to buy anything and are just wasting their time. Whats worse is that the store was COMPLETELY EMPTY when this incident happened, so it's not like she didn't have the "time" to help me for 30 seconds.

    P.S. baiyishang - I saw three purses hanging on a display right in front. So I guess they DO carry that style! Go figure. (...Ignorant SAs)
  8. I am not a Barney's shopper, however this issue is definitelty one we've heard many times on the board and is not isolated to one store. I have run into this myself. Most if not all SA's do not and can not know everything about every designer bag they sell. I find because they do not know most get defensive and insecure and this is where the attitude comes from. I had an SA that was being very insistant with me that every Bbag was called a twiggy. When I corrected her she was very taken back and rude. I flat out told her that I knew alot about Bbags and was giving her the correct information to help her with future customers. She snottily told me thank you so much. I hung up the phone and had a nice little chuckle. It's ridiculous, although I wish every SA knew everything about everything, when they don't, maybe a little frustrating, I have so much respect for them when they say, "you know, I'm not sure, let me find out." I appreciate that and could never get upset at someone who does not know and is most certainly willing to find out. That's a great SA IMO.

    I really think it's insecurity and lack of product knowledge that led to the way the op was treated.
  9. GRRR... too annoyed to even write down everything I am thinking right now...

    I, like Bal Newbie, also despise SA's who act like they OWN the store.

    Mayrain, I had to SEND a boutique a PICTURE of the Purse Style so that they knew what the hell I was talking about!

    Mind you, I also sent the naff site too, just for their 'reference' heheh

    I have also been told that the Twiggy doesnt exist... :cursing:

    It's sad because there are some kind and helpful SA's out there. But thanks to your experience, SA's are more often than not being stereotyped as snooty and stuck up people who act like their s**t dont stink (sorry, a little crude Aussie term there)

    How infuriating. I always think of the movie Pretty Woman when shes shopping on Rodeo Drive at times like this!

    I think you should speak to the manager...
  10. speak to the manager for sure she has right to talk to u that way. Rude ass!
  11. I just want to reinforce BellaFiore's comments ... there is nothing unusual in this exchange - in fact, it is typical of the kind of conversation you are going to have with an SA at any store other than BalNY. To find an SA who is more knowledgeable than YOU (a TPF member) are is a rarity!!!

    The defensive & rude behavior, however, is inexusable!!
  12. fashioncult - haha, my close friend made the exact same pretty woman reference when I told her what had happened to me.

    I don't have a problem with SAs who don't know a great deal about a given product, but to treat me as if I were some ignorant, classless youngster who was shopping out of my league was just unnecessary. Especially since I really loved a weekender they had, and was considering purchasing it as a school bag! After my interaction with the SA, I decided NOT to purchase the bag there, and just wait till I'm in NYC in a few weeks to go to BalNY.
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your bad encounter mayrain. The one and only Bal boutique in Spore have the best SAs! *bless their hearts*.
    You shld really speak to the manager and let him know of your encounter w the SA..
    Hope you find your bbag soon! ;)
  14. I know how you feel, mayrain, I often am so stunned when someone acts inappropriately, that I don't say something on the spot. In retrospect, it's always easy to say how I should have responded. Anyway, I think that it is perfectly appropriate to call the manager and report the behavior that they lost a sale and a future customer.

    PS: I have had similar problems where SAs at department stores know far less than me about the bags.
  15. mayrain, obviously with what you describe, talking to a manager seems reasonable. But, you know, the older I get I realize this lack of respect and decency from people in general is becoming a more frequent occurance. One thing I wanted to get accross was, but maybe didn't in my last post was... making a manager aware of their employees behavior and lack of customer skills is probably appropriate. Although, in my experience sometimes when you have employees that treat customers this way it's due to a lack of management. Sometimes complaints to managers fall on deaf ears. KWIM? I know not always and managers do appreciate customer feedback generally so the problem can be fixed. You should look, there have been threads here about poor service at BalNY. No place or business is exempt, no matter how much we spend.

    Best advice I can give in this situation which I try everyday to remember... Don't let someone elses bad day or bad attitude change the way you feel in that moment and leave you so upset. I have wasted so much time being upset in my life by strangers who don't owe me anything by the way they have or haven't treated me. Just my thoughts.........