Terrible Customer Service

  1. I ordered the Gucci Abbey tote in platinum online. I recieved a confimation email and everything saying they would send a final email in 2-3 days to confirm the shipment and my card would be charged. Well when I went back to the site about two days ago, it said the item was sold out.

    And it is three days later and no one sent me a confirmation, saying if the item has shipped, or if I even get it at all. Well they are only open M-F and this Monday is a holiday, so now I have to wait until Tuesday!!!! I am so so furious!!! I love Gucci, but their customer service is horrible!!!! I hate that I cannot actually call anyone and talk to a person, and everything is done online. Even when I asked the personal shopper about my order, they gave me a vague answer and replied two days later. This is killing me!

    Maybe if they were quicker with their service, people would get the products they want. All the other purse companies have rather quick and reliable customer service in my opinion

    I don't think I will ever order anything from Gucci again, at least online. Has anyone else had a horrible experience like this? I just wanted that tote so bad.
  2. Sorry. I haven't had any problems with them before. Maybe it is a fluke and next time will be better. I do however prefer to go in person.
  3. Id call the store directly next time