Terrible customer service from Bliss, what would you do?

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  1. I bought a pair of MBTs and some other stuff from the Bliss catalogue on May 9. The items were supposed to arrive on May 18. They didn't. I called them on May 21, asking where my stuff was. They said they were doing inventory, blah blah, something happened with my order but they would upgrade me to overnight shipping, free of charge.

    OK, that works for me. I called them May 22, because I didn't get the package. Oops, they didn't get it out in time for overnight. Fine. I called them again to make sure the package went out today. Hooray, it finally went out. But then I checked the FedEx site and FedEx says they are not going to deliver it until May 31!

    If I didn't want the items so darn bad I would have canceled the entire order. This whole problem with my order has me calling them six times (including tomorrow, when I am going to ask why they are not sending my items overnight as promised).

    If you were me, would you ask for any additional money off, credit for future purchases, etc.? It's been a real hassle.
  2. I would call and discuss what an inconvenience this was to you. I mean, imagine if this was a gift! Inventory is no excuse, a company should be prepared for orders no matter what, they knew an inventory was coming and should have posted something on the site about "orders may arrive a few days late, we will upgrade shipping however due to inventory."
  3. ^ITA...I would be really irritated!
  4. I've had several bad experiences with Bliss. That's why when I ordered my MBT, I went to Zappos. Not only did they ship overnight for free on all MBTs, but they also price matched.
  5. This is what I do..I ALWAYS ask for their supervisor..THEN COMPLAIN AWAY.Be persistant.......u ought to get a discount if u nag a bit..LOL.....
    I admit .Im a total BIOTCH when a company messes up my order.drives me bonkers.Just yesterday..I got a VIP gift from LV cuz I talked to the manager about my order that NEVER shipped out of his store.
  6. That's a shame. You get so excited about buying something and then look forward to having it arrive at your doorstep only to be let down several times. Three weeks is just too long to wait for something in this day and age. It's not like they're new at the mail-order business or anything!
  7. I don't think their customer service is very friendly. At least the girl I had to deal with awhile back.
  8. OK, I called them and I think I'm happy with the resolution.

    They are going to cancel my order that is supposed to arrive May 31 and get it back from FedEx. They have placed a new order for me to arrive tomorrow, and they have given me 20% off that order. Since MBTs are pretty pricey, that works. They said they would give me free shipping on my next order too.

    I'm lucky that I got someone on the phone who knew what he was doing. Fhew!
  9. The rep also gave me some of their Body Butter line (soap and body scrub) so that was nice too. Thank goodness!
  10. ^
    It sounds like they really did try and accomodate you (finally!). Hope all turns out well.
  11. I totally agree. And they didn't say "sorry for the inconvenience the package will be out as soon as possible and we'll keep you posted". Instead, they agreed to something that wasn't followed through. I would be very annoyed. like Sprinkles says, inventory is no excuse. Will they have this problem everytime inventory comes around?
  12. I would not make a deman as to what you want from them but let them know what a pita this has been for you. And you are planning on posting this on various forums to alert others know how crappy their cs is.