Terrible Boutique service


Oct 5, 2006
I only own one oversized muse and I happened to lost lock and key+ key fob..
Which means I have to spend extra money to order it..so I contacted online assistant and got an answer it will be charge of $100..That's fine~ but I need to conatact my local YSL boutique..
Just called YSL chicago..uh huh..
I've never bought anything from boutique (most of time NM or Nordstrom)
umm this lady name Margo? she told me it has to be ordered from Paris..I thought YSL might have repair center somewhere in US..so I was surprised and said "Paris?"
and right away she kind of laughed and said" because we are French company that's why" (with attitude)
Does she really think I am dumb enough to buy YSL thinking it is made in USA?
I'am totally turned off by their services..ahh~

Well I have to think twice if I ever want to purchase YSL in the future due to their nasty attitude..

Thanks for reading my story ladies I needed to let this out so bad ..


Feb 15, 2008
Sorry to hear about that. I hate when sales associates act like they're better than customers.

I lost a Prada lock on my suitcase, which I bought at the Chicago store, and the manager was nice enough to give me a new lock when I told him about it. The lock was gold and looks pretty hideous with the suitcase, but it's a lock and at least it was replaced for free.


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
i am sorry lulublue717. :hugs:
sometimes i am turned off as well...as those SA work there, they really thought they owned the store...but i really want to remind them that they only work there. period. no need to give their customers attitude...


May 27, 2006
I lost a little screw hardware this morning from my YSL Easy. I was bummed and I called YSL immediately. It's a small piece and I certainly don't need to send my entire bag. The snotty person who picked up from the SF boutique was useless. He said I was SOL pretty much. I'm just going to try and check out my local Home Depot and see if it's something I can buy there. I have gotten wonderful service from Prada, Gucci or Bottega before even if I purchased the items at Saks or Neiman Marcus. I am so PO'd.