Terrible Bloomingdales Chanel Experience

  1. Anyone, try to avoid Bloomingdales Chanel in NY. They awfully bad people. I ordered the Chanel Grand Shopper Bag from SA named Seth and I asked if the bag is new. When you pay $1895 for a bag you at least expect it to be new! I recieved an old bag with signs of wear, scratched and ruined seemed like it was an old return. O, Lord shame on them! I asked Seth if the bag was new, he said "Oh yeah I will give it to from the stockroom, brand new:hysteric:!" The SA name is Seth and he sounds very polite on the phone but as you see this guy is just a crook that will play with you just to get your credit card charged.
  2. All I want to do is just cry when I look at this piece!
  3. Awww. I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with the SA. Hopefully, you can return it without any problem.

    I didn't think the SA at Bloomingdales in NY was all that great too! I called inquiring about the charity promotion and one of the Chanel SAs was very abrupt and sort of rude on the phone. Maybe it was me, but I felt like she sort of talked to me like I was a teenager. :confused1: Anyway, it wasn't a good experience!
  4. Shame on Seth for not sending you a bag in pristine condition! He has actually answered some of my calls to Bloomingdales NY and does sound very friendly, just as you mentioned!

    I have had great success with Kimmie at the Bloomingdales NY location however...On a past charge send, she actually called me when she was on vacation to follow-up on the transaction! Wonderful!! :woohoo:
  5. I agree completely. On the phone, the SA's aren't too nice depending on who you get. But when I was at the store, Kimmie was really sweet and she was the one who helped me. I felt bad that she didn't get the commission though since another SA put my items on hold :sad:
  6. bagusa, send that bag back. I would call that store and ask for a manager, tell them what condition you received the bag in, tell them it's coming back and they should find you a brand new one.
  7. I've actually worked with Seth before in person and I find him to be very friendly. My friend and I walked in one day and just looked around for bags and he was helping us even though he could tell we were just browsing. Then the next day, we went back and he remembered us and was very helpful and friendly.
    Maybe it was an honest mistake on his part?
  8. omg ok i will not go to chanel in bloomies ny~ on 56th??
    i always go to the LV in that bloomies tho hehe
  9. I had bad experiences with them too. I won't shop there again. Very rude, won't return a phone call or supply tracking. Just not worth it.
  10. aww.. that's just sad :'[!!! i'm sorry you had a terrible buying experience.. it's tough sometimes to get that authentic great service.. (most of the time for me) :/

    i hope everything ends in your favor! they better.
  11. Sorry to hear that!You'd better take the bag back ,get a refund and shop from another shop!They deserve just that!:tdown:
  12. wow. i think you just saved me quite a headache. i called there the other day asking about their stock on a few items. i spoke to seth and had him put a bag on hold for me. this was going to be my first experience with chanel at bloomingdales, i figured i'd give them a chance, despite a very negative experience with another of their high-end handbag departments.

    i was in ny and worked with another sa in person to pick out a chloe bag and have it shipped to my home in colorado. he was really helpful to work with in person, although when i said i might have to go to the boutique to see colors they didn't have in stock, he did try to tell me that chloe bags would be more expensive in the boutique than at bloomingdales. :push: yeah right. the service pretty much ended after he got my money. it took forever and a lot of arguing to try and get my tracking number, my stuff sat in the store for a week before it was even shipped, and when the stuff never arrived, i got tons of attitude and was basically told to go play with UPS to try and figure it out. i had to make several calls to the store manager's office and the department manager to get any help at all. and half of the store operators don't know how to transfer a call without hanging up on you. it was an awful, frustrating experience.
  13. oh my gosh, i am freaking out right now. i just ordered a metallic black reissue from Seth in Bloomingdale's NY. He was very helpful and nice. He assured me that the 226 he is sending to me is in perfect condition and that it was not a return. It should have been sent out on Monday and I hadn't seen it yet. I'll have to call tomorrow to check if it was actually sent out already. After hearing of everyone's negative experience with Seth, I am now nervous about my order. YIKES!!!
  14. Well, when I called last week he told me that everything is sold out no re issues and they not going to have them anymore. I don't want to scare you but it might be the return. Just check not to get into similar situation.....
  15. I was told they only ordered 228 & 225...weird...