Terribe Service over a GIFT CARD. What should I do?

  1. Wow. I am just fed up at this point. Here is the situation:

    July 2nd I recieve a gift card in the mail from my aunt. It comes straight from US Airways.

    July 4th I try to make a reservation using my gift card.

    Now the trouble begins!

    The giftcard couldn't be used online so I called to make a reservation. The first problem was that the woman (#1) told me that the gift card was void and there was no money on it.

    I then called the number given on the back of the gift card and the woman (#2) told me I had to take the gift card to the airport with me to get my money.

    Knowing the lady was wrong, I then called again (guy #1) and talked to a guy. He made my reservations for me, but then booked my boyfriend twice. The bill was almost $700. I told him he made a mistake and assured me that on my bill it wouldn't come out to $700. I told him to please look over the reservation again, I am not going crazy. He says "oops, I put your passenger twice." He voided the error. Fine.

    I then called last week and talked to a woman who was very helpful, or so I thought. She DID get a refund to be considered (for the $100 gift card), however she gave me a phone number to contact her supervisor, which turn out to be wrong. :tdown:

    The woman I just got off the phone with (at the number the nice lady gave me) was telling me I shouldn't have that phone number, it was for internal issues only, and I needed to contact reservations. I asked her where I should be calling, and a number for customer relations and she asked me why I needed to complain. I told her that after two weeks this was absolutely ridiculous. I don't have my $100, and its not my fault. She goes "well its only been since the 10th mam" and then she told me "well it started when you tried doing this on the internet," and I interrupted her and told her that "NO I didn't do it on the Internet MYSELF, it isn't even possible, and the GUY that MESSED UP my reservation is the one that made these reservations." I told her I didn't know why it had to be so hard to use a gift card. I think she was more pissed off that someone gave out "her" phone number. When I told her the name of the lady I was looking for, she told me she wasn't located at this office, but wouldn't give me her number anyway.

    So now it's been two weeks and no refund has been issued as of yet. It is noted next to my reservation that their refund department was contacted, however nothing has shown on my CC statement. I've recieved refunds from other places within 3 days so I don't know what to expect. I figured I'd give it another week.

    My whole reason for posting this is do I have a right to complain? I mean what if I was going away for personal/family reasons and I didn't have the time or energy to argue with these people? I am so beyond tired of this.

    Of all of the people listed that I talked to, I talked to more in between, however they just referred me to different numbers. I feel like this still won't be resolved until I come home from my vacation.

    Do I just let it go? Complain? Am I being too *****y? :cursing:

    AND TO TOP IT OFF, THE NUMBER THE LADY JUST GAVE ME TO COMPLAIN TO WAS FOR THE LOST LUGGAGE DEPARTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the customer relations part of the website and saw the # was different, googled the # the rude lady gave me and WOW. What a :cursing:
  2. I hate giftcards! :cursing: I wish everyone would boycott them.
  3. What a pain....airlines are very bad with customer service, so sorry your having to go through this, I know how frustrating it can be. Hope it get resolved soon.
  4. Oh, I love giftcards!!!! I think this is more an airline issue.
  5. Definitely an airline issue. The main issue is that they offer gift cards but don't know how to redeem them!
  6. I would probably complain, I hate hate HATTTTE bad customer service! I mean, if someone at least apologized and actually gave you the service you needed, then fine, but it seems like they're just dragging it on and on.
  7. I'm leaning more towards complaining. I just emailed my aunt who gave me the giftcard, and explained the situation. I didn't want her to feel bad, but its to the point where I can't take it anymore and I wanted to see what she'd do since my uncle flies for work all of the time.

    I am still so frustrated, and grew even more frustrated when the last rude woman I talked to purposely gave me the wrong number. Ughhhh. :push:
  8. Well, my aunt still hasn't replied (shes busy with two kids), and the whole thing is still bothering me.

    Anyone else have any advice? Been in a situation like this?
  9. that's absolutely ridiculous, imo. i work in a giant retail store and we as a company do millions of dollars in gift card sales per year - it's SO easy to run a gift card program well, i've never understood why other companies can't figure it out. i've worked for the company for 2 years, and i've never had a problem with a customer being unable to redeem a giftcard. it just doesn't happen with us. you can use them online, in store, wherever. it's no harder than charging a credit card.
  10. Typical airline service....
  11. I totally understand your frustration. I have only flown with US Airways once. They lost my luggage for two days, left me on a broken plane at the gate for 6 hours which caused me to miss a connecting flight and employees were incredibly rude to me every step of the way
  12. ^^I have stopped flying on USAirways because I have had so many problems like that myself. The delays and even the losing of luggage usually doesn't bother me too much... but I can't stand how badly I was treated by people at the ticket counter, phone centers, and even on board the plane.

    Good luck! I really wish I could be of help!
  13. Go and look up the company on one of the stock websites, they will always list the higher ups in the company. Then choose Marketing Dir. or something like that (gift cards are a marketing tool) and write a scathing letter of complaint.
  14. Sorry about your troubles. US Airways has a long record of horrible service which is why I was so upset when they merged with AmericaWest which had good service. But, as far as airlines go, Continental has the best service by far.
  15. You may want to hold onto that number!!