Terri Irwin's First Interview Since Steve's Death

  1. awww that made me tear! literally! i also watched his daughter, Bindi, read something at the Australian zoo about her dad. She sounds so precious!! It's sad that we have to feel that kind of pain. But I think those type of emotions are part of what makes us human & what keeps us grounded. We need to feel pain in order to enjoy happiness. My condolences for his family. I'm sure they'll make it through, but of course, will never forget such a great man. Thanks for sharing londondolly!
  2. I still tear up when I think about it.. I don't know why it's been so profound for me. It's just so sad that such a great person had to pass before his time. God bless his family :heart:
  3. This is so sad
  4. Very sad
  5. I'm watching the 20/20 interview with Terri. It's painful to watch. She loved him so much. I feel awful for her, it looks like she's barely holding it together.
  6. Incredible interview. Incredible man and incredible family.
  7. they seemed like the perfect couple in every way - beautiful family, I feel so badly for them all :sad:
  8. I bawled my eyes out watching this interview. How terrible and sad for his family.
  9. i watched 20/20 with Barbara and Terri, i got all choked up! i got even all teared up when i saw Bindi reading about her father!
  10. I couldn't even watch all of the interview, it was so sad, she is so frail right now, I pray for that family
  11. poor thing.. horrible thing to happen to a good family.

    may god give them strength to get through this period.
  12. New York Daily News - Daily Dish & Gossip - Rush & Molloy: Croc hunter's team puts bite on ABC

    You know I did think it was so strange that Steve Irwin's widow would agree to do an interview for all the world to see, so soon after losing her husband. I just could not see putting yourself out in front of the public when your grief and devastation is so raw and new.

    I was widowed young (at the age of 31) and there is no way that I would have gone on TV within the first 6 months (I was such an emotional wreck).

    For a million dollars I probably would have pulled myself together too. I am not judging them - I'm sure it will take alot of money to try to continue to do the work that Steve Irwin did. Peggy
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  14. Totally agree!:yes: