Terri Irwin & Bindi in London!

  1. Gals, I was having a walk tis afternoon in St. James Park and I spotted tis little girl singing and dancing, wearing a lovely pink dress.. I thought she looked mighty familiar, and then I saw Terri, sitting on a bench behind! :smile:

    Bindi's really sweet, but Terri did look tired and sad..Poor dear, I hope she recovers soon. Wonder what they're doing in London?:confused1:
  2. Oh, I feel so sad for Terri. She seemed as if she loved Steve so much.
  3. That is neat you saw them... but I imagine Terri is really still having such a hard time :sad:
  4. Aw :sad: I feel so very sad for them.they were such a loving family.
    may god help her through this hard time.
  5. Such a tragedy for that family. I hope they all are on the road to recovery. So sad. Bindi's so cute.
  6. awww. :sad: She must feel so lost without him. All of a sudden she's a single parent, how tragic!!
  7. the situation is very tragic. It is nice to hear that bindi was having fun in the park. My heart goes out to them at this time, i have no idea what the whole family is going through.
  8. I am still so saddened when I think of them. I know Bindi is started that new show on the discovery chanel, I hope keeping busy will help them through this difficult time.
  9. losing her beloved husband suddenly is really HARD..she needs time to overcome her saddness ...
  10. I can't even imagine what that poor family is going through. Losing your lover and soulmate has got to be the most devastating thing next to losing a child.

    I am glad to hear that Bindi seemed to be light-hearted. :smile:
  11. they were soul mates, a family with lots of love.I miss steve.
  12. :crybaby:
  13. oh :sad:
  14. How sad, my heart goes out to them. :cry:
  15. I loved Steve and Terri Irwin the moment I started watching their show! I was really sad when he died! My heart goes out to Terri...