Terre Battue color

Feb 8, 2009
I am relatively new to H brand. I am interested in getting a Picotin 22, preferably in some muted/neutral tones (I am open to colors as long as it's not too bright / neon-y). I was able to locate one in Terre Battue color but I couldn't see the color in the store/real life. Wondering if anyone knows if this color is like orange or brownish? And whether it is very bright or muted in real life? Thanks!


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
Terre Battue (beaten earth, resembles the clay of tennis courts) Birkin 30 togo, palladium hw, stickers still intact. I started to peel them off, as you can see on one of the sangles, but then decided to take a photo first. Most bags I’ve seen this color appear lighter. This is truly the color of rust or clay pot. B5C03E98-DF71-4900-A71F-873F3EB095F5.jpeg