terminology help please

  1. Please excuse this potentially silly question, but what is JAX? I keep seeing reference to it...

    Thanks for explaining.
  2. I was always wondering this but I believe I have it now. It is like the big warehouse, like the headquarters for Coach.
  3. JAX= Jacksonville, FL (where the coach warehouse is located, this is where bags are shipped from when ordered from the 800 number or when the store does not have them in stock)
  4. What is really funny is that my husband calls are daughter, her name is Jackie, JAX. It is fait, we both love coach. Ha!
  5. This is Jax, aka Coach Mecca.

    Coach Distributing Center, Jacksonville, Fl,
  6. Thank you so much!. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to wander around in that big pretty building!

  7. I couldn't even get near that building-- they would have to hold me down.