Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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  1. I can't believe there hasn't been a thread about this show.

    And I can't believe it's taken me this long to start one!

    I love this show. It's easily the best new show of the last few seasons. It reboots the Terminator franchise in a way that allows it to be its own thing. I've seen every episode and would love some discussion on it. I wish more people were watching it! Best sci-fi show aside from Battlestar Galactica.

    It's coming back on Fridays, paired with Dollhouse. Feb. 13th I believe.
  2. I agree with you! I love this show can't wait until it comes back.:tup:
  3. when i saw the pilot i thought it was so so, but WOW did it get GREAT...and fast!
  4. I love this show too! especially summer glau!

    so wait, the time slot has changed to fridays? what time?
  5. ooh i didn't see that other thread! should we bump it or continue on here?
  6. i believe that it's at 8, dollhouse at 9.

    in a way, fridays might not be such a bad thing for it. if it does the same number it did on mondays, it'll be considered GOOD for it. because expectations for friday are never as high as any other day of the week. so relatively, smaller numbers than a usual night isn't a bad thing.
  7. I would say continue it here seeing as the name of the show is spelled right in the title for this thread and is easier to find in a search :P
  8. here's a really cool joint promo for terminator and dollhouse:

  9. and here's a promo for the next new episode

  10. i'm kinda excited about the new day and time slot
  11. ^me too. and i'm excited about dollhouse as well :smile:
  12. how did everyone like this episode?

    we didn't see a lot of john or cameron, obv a very sarah-centric episode, we haven't really seen many of those this season.

    any thoughts on kyle showing up in her hallucinations?

    he was there to help her get through a really difficult situation, one that she was alone in. i think his appearance also served to possibly help ease some of the *****iness between her and derek.
  13. Yeah I was glad to see an ep revolve around Sarah.

    I think slowly her and Derek need to move towards a real brother and sister relationship, cause they are what each other have left of Kyle. I think this ep was a step in the right direction. They have always been allies and felt that protecting John was #1 despite some disagreements but they need to move towards the true family bond.

    They do episodic stuff well involving 'regular' people who get sucked into their schemes. I liked the stuff with the doctor.
    I'm a bit confused by SHirleys actions but I think thats prob ok , that will get more clear.

    Its weird how dedicated Riley is to her whole misson.... to try and kill herself? I think she was lying to Jesse and she just wanted out since Jesse hasn't been treating her too well.......
  14. ^i have a feeling maybe she was saving face in front of jessie. she wants jessie approval, and when she felt that she was being pushed away and rejected in the previous episode, she didn't want to deal with it anymore. esp since she's starting to really like john.

    i think she figured, after the fact, that telling jessie that it was all a part of the plan would win back jessie's approval.