Term Paper Advice Needed

  1. I basically would like some feedback from psychiatrists or psychologists regarding the following:

    For my term paper I will be designing a case study on an individual with Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder.

    This is the prompt:
    We have continued to focus on “disorders of the self,” a concept formulated and refined by psychoanalysts in the 1950s and 1960s. Since the publication of path-breaking works by Otto Kernberg and Heinz Kohut, other behavioral scientists have effected what some experts believe is a “paradigm shift” in both etiology and nosology. The latter is best evidenced by the new, medical principles of classification in DSM-III (1980) and in subsequent editions. The former is best evidenced by the “psychologization of trauma.” Once again we have argued that these theoretical formulations circulate not only in the professional realm of the behavioral sciences and academia but prevail within popular culture. Ian Hacking’s Rewriting the Soul has been our central text.

    Design a case study that, according to the DSM-IV or leading authority in the field, would be diagnosed as narcissist personality disorder, MPD/DID, or BPD. Take on the role of the treating therapist (select one expert or practitioner in the field from the readings or lecture), define the causes or triggers of the patient’s disorders, and outline a treatment plan. Be sure to designate the specific historical era of your case study and explain its relevance to your examination; that is, explain the way the historical era influenced both the presentation of patients’ symptoms and the perspective of the authority –and, perhaps, its place in popular culture.

    Basically I have already figured out who my subject is, a 30 year old female who suffered trauma as a child and developed 10 seperate personalities/identities. I will be the "therapist" in modern times and using a lot of work from Collin Ross, M.D. and the experience and treatment of Dr. Cameron West.

    My question is:
    would it be too ambitious to involve the family in therapy? Specifically in regards to the "false memory syndrome" and challenging the indivudal's memories in order to integrate the personalities.

    Thanks for any and all advice!