Teri tote: GOLD or SILVER hardware?

  1. ^^ The silver is new I believe! - At least we know it's legit on the urban grey if shown here by Nordstroms! LOL!

    The "gold" on the MbyMJ Teri versions should be more like an "antique brass":
  2. the leather also looks different too!

    it seems like the old Teris were more glossy and fine whereas the new ones have this pebble texture

    does anyone have experience with the different types of leather? which one's better??
  3. The silver hardware is for the new Resort line. He's been using silver hardware on most of his bags now (Posh JJ, Super K, Teri, Heidi, etc.)

    ^ I agree, the leather seems more pebbley. I have the old Teri and the leather is SUPER soft and smooth. However, I think the new Teri will be more durable and will hold up better. I haven't felt the leather IRL, but it seems like it'll hold up to more wear and tear than the old one.
  4. I have a Teri and I love its soft leather, but it always seemed to me that if Teri had a more durable kind of leather, I would be more satisfied!
  5. I have a newer teri in black that I got from Zappos. I'm happy with the pebbled leather because I know I would have wrecked the untreated more delicate leather from the earlier seasons.

    I LOVE urban grey! What a hot color! And the silver hardware would match more of my coats but it's not in the cards for my budget.
  6. Does only Teri have this pebbled leather now or all MBMJ turnlock bags (Quinn, Heidi, etc) also does?
  7. My Faridah has soft pebble leather as well, with silver hardware.