Teri Hatcher: in love and in Rome

  1. Teri Hatcher and Stephen Kay take a stroll in Rome while on a romantic getaway.

    I think she looks great.
    Teri1.jpg Teri2.jpg Teri3.jpg Teri4.jpg Teri5.jpg
  2. she looks really pretty
  3. awww how sweet!
  4. How romantic! And they're dressed the part!
  5. She looks good!
  6. They both look great!! Love her dress :yes:
  7. She's stunning and they look really happy together! I really miss Rome now!
  8. The place looks so romantic with the coble stones and statues.

    Her dress looks great!
  9. So romantic, and I love that dress! She seems like a genuinely nice person when she's interviewed too.
  10. She bugs me...I don't see anything ''special'' about her...
  11. awww she looks so good :heart:
  12. In the forth pic it looks like you would see that in a magazine. She looks really happy. I can't wait to go Rome one day!!
  13. She looks great in these pics and i really like his funky style.
  14. she looks pretty.
  15. They both look happy.