Teri Hatcher and the story of 'sex in a van'

  1. A judge granted her request to dismiss a lawsuit she filed against the author of a report claiming she used a camper parked outside her home for steamy sexual liaisons. The story, written by Patricia Nolan, appeared in British tabloids and the National Enquirer last year. It alleged that Teri Hatcher would leave her 8 year old daughter, Madison, home alone while Hatcher snuck outside for - sex romps - with some men in a VW bus kept in her driveway for that purpose.
    But finally she successfully sued Daily Sport and the Sun over the story, winning undisclosed damages and a public apology. She also accepted an apology from the National Enquirer.'I will never allow any tabloid to so egregiously attack the area of my life which I give top priority, and that is my parenting!', Hatcher said of her victory.

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  3. Isn't her daughter's name Emerson??? I applaud her for sticking up for her parenting skills, but yeah, she needs a burger.
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