Terex Shampoo?

  1. Does anyone use this? I have read interview in some of my magazines about people using it, you know...q:what is your beauty routine? a: Oh, I use ___ cleanser for my face, and Terex shampoo and conditioner in my hair.

    I currently use Chi products, but like to switch it up. Is this a good brand? What formula do you use and what do you like about it?
  2. I have mentioned this several times but I swear by Crede shampoo and conditioner (especially the conditioner). I've used it for 2 years now and it has done wonders.

    It put an instantaneous (ok after several days) seize to all the FRIZZ I ever had. Also, my long hair has developed trmendous healthy shine, no split ends.

    I get compliments on my hair all the time, everywhere I go, even at the hair salons!!

    couple weeks ago I met a girl who had the most beautiful healthy hair, and I asked her what she used... and guess what she says: "Oh I use this product I order called, Crede..." lol!!
  3. I used to use Terax. The conditioner is great, and I liked both the honey and milk shampoos. I think the Terax buzz is over, though, because Sephora stopped carrying the brand. You might be able to find it on clearance on Sephora.com.
  4. I used Terax a few times, it worked great IMO.
    It's no fuss though, I noticed that the few products I used had almost no fragrance.
  5. i use pureology, which i like pretty well, it's very rich and all natural. it gives me good volume, which is nice because even though my hair is curly, it's not particularly thick. it also brightened my highlights up - people started asking if i had had my hair done when my roots were two inches long and i hadn't been in 4 months. it's quite expensive, though, about $50 for a large bottle of shampoo or conditioner. i might be looking into this crede stuff...i buy hair products almost as compulsively as i buy purses.
  6. ^I too am a self-professed hair product junkie!
    I use Kerastase and it's about $25 for a tiny 8 oz bottle of shampoo :sad:
    but it's AMAZING!
  7. Kerastase is a total miracle worker. When my hair stylist is running late with appointments, she gives me a free deep conditioning with Kerastase hair mask to get some extra time to finish up with a previous client. My hair feels fantastic afterwards.
  8. i've thought about trying kerastase, too, but i'd have to go somewhere and get some advice on what to choose since i'm not familiar with the line. i don't know who carries it in Atlanta.
  9. I bought terax crema conditioner after reading endless reviews about how good it was.

    My hair is highlighted and I regularly use GHDs and it tends to get a little dry on the ends< I had been using the redken extreme range which had been great but after a while my hair started to feel a little crunchy. So I thought it must be time for a change and terax seemed like a good choice.

    My jar of terax was delivered, (unfortunately i got the MASSIVE tub as the smaller one was out of stock) the smell of the product itself is soooo strong, it smells like perming solution or bleach! when I looked at the ingrediant listing perfume was around the 2nd or 3rd on the list, I'd spent all this money on a product that contained nothing but smell!!!!
    I still hadn't used it by this point but i thought I'll give it ago anyway, It instantly makes the hair feel soft but when I left my hair to dry naturally I didn't really notice any difference in how it feels, I was alittle dissapointed.

    A word (well sentance) of warning if you do buy terax crema in the huge tub it only has a shelf life of 8 months once opened but you only need quite a small amount of it, you would have to wash your hair more than three times a day to get through it in that time.

    Try before you buy if you can
  10. I recommend pureology reconstruct repair. You can find it @ beauty product stores.
  11. I recommend pureology reconstruct repair. You can find it @ beauty product stores.
  12. I recommend pureology reconstruct repair. You can find it @ beauty product stores.
  13. Sorry for the posts. My sidekick went BONKERS!
  14. I love Terax Latte shampoo. :heart:
  15. Terax's Crema = my holy grail. Half the time, I don't even wash it out. Along with regular trims, it's responsible for my hair being baby soft.