Tension setting?

  1. Can I see yours?
    What do you like about them? Dislike?
    Help me decide. TIA Kim
  2. My DH's wedding band is .25 cw. He's had it for a year and really likes it. He's gotten a lot of compliments on it - it's quite unique!
  3. Very unique to look at & quite modern looking.
    I would not personally choose this setting because it makes me nervous! lol
  4. I'm not a fan if you want a big diamond, but I love how it looks with very small stones.
  5. I have a .50 D color diamond. Not huge by any means. I was looking to have my jeweler put the stone into a tiffany inspired bezel gold/white gold setting but they are really leaning me towards a tension mount. Not like your DHs but with the sided of the ring that sit up they will be silver and the rest of the band gold.
    My mom has hers set in a plat tenison mount it looks beautiful lots of light under the stone.
    Im looking for a similar picture to post so I can show you what it might possible look like. The rep from the company doesnt have any of this style in hand so Im thinking this would be one of a kind. :smile:
  6. [​IMG]

    very similar to this.
    Sorry for it being so big I cant fiqure out how to make it smaller. :smile:
  7. I've never seen this type of setting. Is it new?
  8. a friend of mine has a .5 carat in a tension setting...love it! it compliments the size perfectly
  9. couture : I love you dh's band!!
  10. Kim...try Steven Kretchmer (stevenkretchmer.com). He has the patent on the tension setting. I have a 3ct pear in the "helix" setting, in platinium. My husband has a small triangle diamond in a two-tone band. Very modern. Supposedly, 70% more secure than prongs. Definately a conversation piece!
  11. I love the way you can see the whole diamond.. I would imagine it's easy to keep it clean!
  12. i think tension settings are very unique and the craftsmanship is beautiful if done right. i would assume the stone would have to be pretty amazing on its own since you'd be able to see it clearly from all angles.

    for me, personally, i am not a fan of a lot of metal around a diamond.