1. Hi,

    I'm going to be starting tennis lessons this month, and need to buy a racket.

    Any recommendations for a good racket (not too expensive or too cheap, good quality)?

    Also, who plays tennis, and do you have any advice for a novice?

    Any advice appreciated! :smile:
  2. Both Wilson and Prince have good rackets and make sure the strings they put on your racket is the appropriate weight and not too tight, if not the strings will break quite easily.
    World no. 1 tennis player, Roger Federer uses Wilson rackets too =)!
    I also recommend getting good tennis shoes or a good pair of running shoes.
  3. You may not have to rush into buying a racket before your first lesson. Most tennis pros have "demo" rackets available for novices to try, or for players just interested in changing rackets or upgrading. Ask your club pro for advise and try a few different ones before committing.
    Good luck and have fun!
  4. I also recommend using the 'demo' rackets before committing. I have been taking lessons for almost a year and played with 3 or 4 rackets before deciding on one. I eventually ended up with a babolat (which I love). Good luck!
  5. I had a Wilson racquet when I played tennis in secondary school; it was really light unlike the crappy school ones they offered.

    Definitely try out some demo racquets at your club though, so you'll know exactly what you're after :smile:
  6. Tennis is great..I personally play racquetball daily which is not as intense as tennis..but I'd like to start it soon! Great form of exercise.
  7. I think as a novice, you want a racquet that is not too heavy with a slightly bigger head. A prestrung racquet from your local sports store should do the job, unless you are looking to get inspired by using a racquet that a certain pro uses, or you're looking to improve really quickly, etc.
    Everyone's different, but I'd say a racquet with a head size of 100 to 110, and a weight of 11oz or so. I recommend going to and their forums.
  8. I liked my wilson. I think it was around $100. I got it at a pro shop and not a sports store. I good racket really makes the difference for me.
  9. Get some shoes with good ankle support. You have to do a lot of lateral/side to side movement.
    Wilson is a great brand, well-priced. I think my first racket was Prince which were always more expensive for some reason.
  10. dont get running shoes since they are not made for tennis as my pro informed me running shoes are designed to make you go forward ---instead get tennis shoes that will not only support but will not make you go forward when you are moving to get the ball.
  11. How were your lessons?! My bf teaches so PM me if you have any questions. Your teacher should be able to help you pick out a racket, but go for an oversize, which will give you more power. Generally, the smaller the head, the less power you get (but you get more accuracy). 2nd the other comments on getting good shoes. Especially if you drag your feet, you'll wear them out quickly.

    And the best advice I can give you on hitting (only because my bf yells this frequently) is to set up early and to MOVE. hehe. Btw, what area are you in? I want to find a partner to hit with. My bf's too good. :smile:
  12. prince racquets are awesome.
  13. Check out . They have an excellent selection on everything tennis. Demo several rackets before you buy. Get tennis sneakers. You can twist your ankle in running shoes.

    Its addicting! I play about 5 days a week.