Tennis Tournament?

  1. BF is taking me to a tennis tournament tomorrow night, but I don't even know how to play LOL. What do people wear to these things at night? I was thinking jeans and heels and a cute but simple top, maybe an eveningish purse? I don't want to be super casual and see people glammed up or something.

    Also, do they usually sell drinks? :drinkup: Food? I think I have more fun at sporting events when I can eat/drink something. :P

    Some major men's players are playing, I don't know really more details. Sorry for the complete lack of knowledge on tennis LOL.
  2. What you have in mind sounds good, People in my experience usually dress comfortably, so maybe not to high of a heel, cocktails are sometimes served at these events.

    I hope you have a great time.:heart:
  3. Are you going to the Legg Mason semifinals?

    I would try to wear something comfy. It's going to be warm and the venue is pretty open. Most people are extremely casual - short, t-shirt, sneakers. I wouls steer clear of heels...climbing up those bleachers can be a pain. If it's going to be a date, maybe you can wear a comfy dress and flats?
  4. P.S. Yes, there are food and drinks, but like most events, uber expensive and not that good.
  5. Yes, we're going to the Legg Mason semifinals. Bleachers?! Thanks, I didn't even think of that. Too bad about the food, we're going to eat first anyways, but I'll at least get a cocktail.
  6. Thanks! I'm sure it will be fun.