Tennis star celebrates beating Maria Sharapova by buying LV

  1. 18 year old Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland, ranked 30th, after beating No. 2 contender Maria Sharapova earlier today:

    "Now into the fourth round at the U.S. Open, she planned to grab her sister — also a tennis pro —and celebrate. They're going shopping for Louis Vuitton bags." :p
  2. aah cute!
    wonder what they bought ;)
  3. Too funny.
    I'd probably do the same thing !!
  4. The best way to celebrate!
  5. yeah, love it!!
  6. How funny, I'd do that too!
  7. I'd do the same thing!!!
  8. Cute! I'm gonna do that!
  9. LOL! That sure is THE BEST way to celebrate.
  10. nothing says victory like a new bag...wonder what they got?
  11. Maybe she bought the sac tennis?
  12. Love it!!! I watched the match and it was so exciting!
  13. aww.. very cute!
  14. haha that's what i would do!
  15. Attagirl! :tup: